Tumour Board Clinical Decision-Making

Innovations in oncology imaging mean not only a remarkable improvement in survival rates, but also a huge increase in information that is shared by the mutidisciplinary teams. We help you coordinate through one click various streams of information into a cohesive and easily accessible unit for an efficient clinical decision making, standardised care and complete institutional memory.

Tumour board

GE Healthcare technologies help you work as a cohesive team and solve the challenge of seamless workflow and information exchange through easy and simple to use standardized clinical decision making tools such as OncoQuant*.

MD Connect

An innovative solution, which combines RT application and server in an integrated package, that helps optimize radiation oncology workflow. It gives clinicians fast access to their full suite of oncology applications from any compatible computer and provides seamless interoperability. Learn more...

*Trademark of General Electric company


A set of robust tools for routine oncology diagnosis, treatment follow-up, and clinical data trial management.

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Patient information management

It simplifies the archiving of “multi-ology” images, huge datasets, diagnostic reports, and other clinical information, delivering a universal clinical data repository. As such it brings to users a way to easily get access to consolidated patient data.

Workflow management
You don't need to chart your path ahead alone. Consider how the GE Performance Solutions can help you address your most pressing capacity strategy, operations transformation, and workflow technology challenges.