Radiation Oncology

Every patient and each cancer is different, and it takes time to a multi-disciplinary team to identify the right therapy mix for optimal outcome and to provide personalized cancer care for their patients. Our suite of multimodality imaging and advanced visualization tools helps you take advantage of today’s advanced radiation therapy planning techniques and make critical connections across the oncology care continuum.

radiation oncology

At GE Healthcare, we understand the challenges of administering an adapted and powerful radiotherapy treatment planning for good patient outcomes. Let us help you overcome them.

Simulation & Localisation

You are enabled to:

  • Take the next step to help eliminate imprecise dosing with high-quality GE Healthcare products designed to help ensure the volume to be treated is accurately targeted or localized. 

  • Get the latest in simulation and localisation technology with tools such as Advantage Sim MD designed for both productivity and accuracy.


Discovery* and Optima* CT: Our wide bore CT series meet oncology demands for accuracy, enhanced visualization, complex patient positioning, and productive workflow. These cutting-edge CT systems are designed specifically with radiation treatment planning in mind.

Low dose CT ASiR*: The new wide-bore, multi-slice CT simulators deliver precise contouring with GE CT technological exclusives such as Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) – which may enable improvement in low contrast detectability, one of the important factors in obtaining an accurate contour.

Advantage 4D: Advances in state-of-the-art 4D respiratory gating with both prospective and retrospective respiratory gating helps automate the 4D workflow on the CT console.

MRI GEM and flexible coils: Patient-embracing suite of surface coils are designed to optimize the positioning of coil elements relative to the patient anatomy and field-of-view being imaged. The embedded Posterior Array, the flexible and lightweight Anterior Array, and a set of flexible and adaptable brain coils help provide outstanding image quality for body and brain exams, even in the presence of thermoplastic positioning devices.

PET/CT: GE’s Discovery* and Optima* PET/CT systems and software applications are important tools for precision in radiation therapy planning by provided additional information.

PET VCAR: It now incorporates RECIST and PERCISTcriteria, enables physicians to quantitatively track tumor volume over time and provides an RTSS output for therapy.

Motion Freeze: Represents the next evolution in PET/CT imaging that eliminates motion induced problems to enable clinicians to assess motion in a streamlined workflow via advanced image reconstruction.

*Trademark(s) of General Electric company

Radiation planning & delivery

You are enabled to:

  • Differentiate between tumours and adjacent normal structures using three-dimensional and four-dimensional scans

  • Enjoy new technologies that have transformed the planning of radiation therapy

  • Get cutting-edge technologies, such as our acclaimed PET/CT, which combine functional, metabolic and anatomic data into a single image, for accuracy and additional information

  • Delivery of a correct, and precise radiation treatment is one of the delicate and sensitive procedures in the healthcare industry - Take advantage of innovative technologies that provide new approaches in the battle to defeat cancer

  • Get new software and automated delivery methods that are designed for suitable and accurate treatment.

Radiation Oncology Workflow 

You are enabled to:

  • Help address the challenges of shortages of physicists, dosimetrists, and other critical staff members by workflow effiencies

  • Simplify the challenge of handling multiple modalities

  • Improve the workflow and additional planning required for advanced treatment

  • Streamline and facilitate a more adapted care pathway for radiotherapy treatment


MD Connect: An innovative solution, which combines RT application and server in an integrated package, that helps optimize radiation oncology workflow. It gives clinicians fast access to their full suite of oncology applications from any compatible computer and provides seamless interoperability.

OncoQuant*: A true cross-modality oncology reading platform, OncoQuant helps you correlate and compare CT, MR, PET /CT, and 3D X-ray data. It automates workflow from your PACS , facilitating easy comparisons over time and efficient follow-up exams.

PET VCAR: It incorporates RECIST and PERCISTcriteria, enables physicians to quantitatively track tumor volume over time and provides an RTSS output for therapy.

Lung VCAR: It automatically detects and displays potential pulmonary nodules while providing a volumetric assessment at initial and follow-up examinations. The measurements include percent of growth and volume doubling time. It detects all types of nodules, including solid, part-solid, or Ground Glass Objects.

Colon VCAR: Fast, Flexible, Simple.
Colon VCAR EC imaging software provides a complete reading workflow solution for the detection of colonic lesions, with electronic cleansing. The software allows clinicians to primary-read and problem solve using correlated 2D, 3D or 360-degree dissection views

AdvantageSim MD: A virtual simulation suite that easily adapts to user workflow needs using a number of oncology applications.

Advantage 4D: An accurate and integrated visualization of respiratory induced motion with fast 4D image reconstruction. A Breathtaking solution for respiratory motion management in treatment planning.

Integrated registration: Integrated Registration is designed to provide easy comparison of three-dimensional (3D) anatomical images from Computed Tomography (CT), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PET (Positron Emission Tomography), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and CT-like Innova data.
It allows registration and fusion between two volumetric acquisitions, which come from either the same or from different acquisition modalities.

*Trademark(s) of General Electric company

Information management


It simplifies the archiving of “multi-ology” images, huge datasets, diagnostic reports, and other clinical information, delivering a universal clinical data repository. As such it brings to users a way to easily get access to consolidated patient data.

Workflow management
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