Design for Full Oncology Centre

Improve care quality, minimize costs and facilitate access to cancer care with a full oncology centre. Within one centralised location rests the dedicated technology and expertise to handle all the steps in the care pathway, from screening and diagnosis to therapy monitoring.

A full oncology centre not only simplifies the process for patients and family, but it also helps the staff form a multidisciplinary team in a collaborative effort to fight and defeat cancer progression.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design
Design your oncology centre with efficiency, organization, quality & patient satisfaction in mind. GE Healthcare provides optimally designed architectural floor plans for three different levels of oncology centres, with the flexibility to adapt to your project ambitions.

Financing solutions

GE Healthcare provides customized financing solutions leveraging GE Healthcare’s global reach to fund your projects.

Type of Center and Resources Needed

We recognize that every project is different, looking for various aspects pertaining to their own specific situation. Take advantage of the latest technologies and clinical expertise in one of three distinct oncology centre designs: Referral, Regional and National centres. With the optimal amount of resources needed to operate each separate facility, these solutions demonstrate our healthymagination commitment to delivering efficient, affordable and high quality healthcare.

Patient information management

It simplifies the archiving of “multi-ology” images, huge datasets, diagnostic reports, and other clinical information, delivering a universal clinical data repository. As such it brings to users a way to easily get access to consolidated patient data.

Workflow management
You don't need to chart your path ahead alone. Consider how the GE Performance Solutions can help you address your most pressing capacity strategy, operations transformation, and workflow technology challenges.