Solutions from screening to treatment monitoring.
Enabling personalized cancer care.

Our mission is to help your oncology multidisciplinary team improve the cancer patient care by providing essential components you need for an overall quality cancer management.

We strive to consistently deliver accessible & innovative solutions building on our expertise in in-vitro as well as in-vivo diagnostics to enable the right clinical decision.

Oncology Consultation

Cancer is among the world’s leading causes of death, and GE is committed to helping cure it. GE’s global fight against cancer is backed by a five-year, $1 billion commitment to improve screening and diagnosis to help doctors fight cancer more effectively. In 2011, in partnership with prominent venture capitalists, GE launched a $100 million healthymagination open Innovation Challenge to find the next generation of cancer diagnostic tools and treatments, starting with breast cancer. Innovations are now in the pipeline to provide the next solutions in the fight to beat cancer. We’re also bringing new weapons to the fight against breast cancer by increasing access to mammography screenings in underserved areas, like Wyoming, Saudi Arabia and China.*
* GE annual report P.29


 Lung cancer
 Colorectal cancer
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Therapeutic approach

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Tumor board clinical decision making

Innovations in oncology imaging mean not only a remarkable improvement in survival rates, but also a huge increase in information that is shared and used by the mutidisciplinary team. GE Healthcare solutions help you coordinate through one click various streams of information into a cohesive and easily accessible unit for a more efficient clinical decision making, standardised care and complete institutional memory.

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Design for full oncology center

Improve care quality, minimize costs and facilitate access to cancer care with a full oncology centre. Within one centralised location rests the dedicated technology and expertise to handle all the steps in the care pathway, from screening and diagnosis to therapy monitoring.

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