We’ve asked clinicians which are the challenges they face everyday, in order to understand how the technology can impact work in delivering high quality patient care in the critical care environment.

These important inputs from providers helped us to realize that a configurable visualization and intuitive presentation of data and alarms could help simplify daily work of the clinician and his staff.

This is why one of our priorities is to avoid any potential source of complexity in the technology and helping to ensure that our solutions make the best use of the clinical staff and enable clinician to simplify patient care in ICU.

Solutions designed to be easy to use and easy to learn

The intuitive design of our CARESCAPE solutions represents a leap forward in our touchscreen technology. The ultimate goal has always been to provide a clearer window to the patients, reducing learning time and reducing risk of errors.

Intuitive and fast navigation
CARESCAPE monitor is based on Linux operation system, which can offer a very flexible and high speed navigation. By integrating an exceptional menu with less navigation the clinician can directly access the information he needs. Leveraging swipe touchscreen technology used in the latest consumer devices, we’ve designed a more human-centered user interface.

Clear and configurable visualization of real time information
By replacing menus with views, the caregiver will be able to choose which real time information he wants to monitor on the screen. CARESCAPE solution provides a clear and immediate visualization of relevant alarms, and priority where and how you want them in order to assess the patient situation at a glance everywhere.

Alarm management optimisation

GE Healthcare is fully committed to helping healthcare professionals in their critical mission to improve patient care with innovative solutions aimed at reducing the increasing complexity of the critical care environment.
Based on clinicians feedback, a quick and simplified access to patient data history, like trends and events or other information’s that occurred in the past, could help the clinicians in making more informed decision at the point of care.

Patient Data History easy to find with a single touch

Patient Data continuity everywhere

Working closely with clinicians and listening to what really impacts their practice, we understood that providing simple, integrated and exceptional decision support tools could help clinicians to gain more confidence in their clinical decisions. 

Our CARESCAPETM platform of monitors B650/B850, and R860 ventilator, offers advanced tools that can help clinicians in nutrition therapy, lung protective ventilation and hemodynamic management, in order to help improve patient outcome and get a prompt recovery.

Improve nutrition monitoring

Apply a lung protection strategy

Hemodynamic management

Complete cardiology monitoring