Chest Pain

Imaging solutions for chest pain management

Chest pain can signal a life-threatening health problem, so prompt evaluation and treatment is critical. Ensure a swift, appropriate response with the help of GE Healthcare.
Our specialized approach to chest pain management brings you comprehensive strategies, excellent imaging, and streamlined services to properly assess and treat patients — in a heartbeat.


With new protocols to safely and accurately assess patients, most providers no longer admit every person presenting with chest pain. This practice is part of a paradigm shift, which has also prompted many hospitals to adopt Chest Pain Units (CPUs). Offering a highly-specialized setting dedicated to patients with chest pain, these units help minimize the time to proper treatment while promoting the most appropriate, cost-effective care.

Disease Pathway Management

Caronary Artrery Assessment

Treatment and Monitoring

Chest Pain Units (CPU) are designed to streamline care for chest pain patients, resulting in better outcomes and significant cost benefits.

  • CPUs apply a systematic approach to optimize treatment of patients with ACS through:
    • Prompt identification and treatment of patients with an ischemic etiology
    • Early and accurate discharge of patients without evidence of myocardial ischemia
  • CPUs located within or close to an ED are effective and cost-saving.
  • Implementing a chest pain unit improves long-term outcome in patients with an acute coronary syndrome.  
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