Better care for more patients.

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) affects millions of hearts and lives each year.
Swift, superior evaluation and treatment ensures the best possible outcomes. Discover how GE Healthcare can help you deliver better care to more ACS patients while reducing operating costs and maximizing utilization of physician and staff resources.


Manage costs and risk in cardiology while increasing productivity and quality with powerful solutions from GE Healthcare.


We bring you:

  • Technologies that empower physicians with remote access to tests cut report turnaround times, helping to improve patient care and reduce length of stay.
  • Connected workflow solutions to help improve revenue capture, minimize manual data entry errors, reduce costs per study and also staff become more efficient in their daily activities.
  • Innova* solutions with StentViz option for enhanced stent visibility without interrupting workflow
  • Dose management technologies help you to optimize your dose efficiency1.
  • CVIT solutions improve departmental workflow and reporting efficiency.
    1: 'In clinical use, the results of the application of dose reduction techniques will vary depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. The Intended Operator (eg. Interventional Radiologist), assisted by a physicist as necessary has to determine the appropriate settings for each specific clinical task.
    *: Trademark of General Electric company

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