Onderling verbonden cardiovasculaire zorg.

Van het ziekenhuis tot thuis, van preventie tot behandeling, van acute tot chronische aandoeningen, GE helpt u de zorgefficiëntie rondom hartfalen en pijn op de borst te maximaliseren en tegelijkertijd de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening te verbeteren.

Ons cardiovasculaire portfolio is ontworpen om u te helpen uw zorgprocessen en de patiëntveiligheid voor een breed spectrum van hartpatiënten, te optimaliseren.

Cardiology Heart

Hart- en vaatziekten is een complex zorggebied, dat het hele lichaam betreft en waar meerdere niveaus in de gezondheidszorg een belangrijke rol spelen. GE Healthcare biedt geïntegreerde oplossingen die helpen bij een efficiënte, doelgerichte en onderling verbonden cardiovasculaire zorg.

Disease pathway portfolio


Improve patient care with integrated workflow.

Chest Pain

Imaging solutions for chest pain management.

Integrated non-invasive cardiac imaging

Computed TomographyLearn more about our latest innovations in Cardiac CT
During ESC, GE Healthcare will be showcasing his latest innovations in Cardiac CT with the Discovery* CT750 HD FREEdom Edition. The Discovery* CT750 HD FREEdom Edition is designed to address the foremost challenges in Cardiac CT, such as radiation dose, calcium blooming, coronary motion, high heart rates, plaque composition or myocardial perfusion.
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Cardiac MR. Answers beyond anatomy
From ischemic heart disease and cardiomyopathies, to congenital heart disease and MR angiography, GE Cardiac MR gives you a tool to characterize myocardial tissue, so you can assess a wide range of cardiac diseases. The combination of late enhancement, perfusion, and functional imaging provides important information that enables physicians to diagnose with confidence.
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Nuclear Medicine Designed to give you maximum clinical versatility and enable improved productivity as compared to general purpose cameras.

Extraordinary images. Specialized systems. Ultrasound designed with you and your patients in mind.

Cutting-Edge Cardiac Tools. Integrated Visualization.
Cardiology Imaging Software
AW streamlines post-processing and synergizes information from multiple modalities, offering outstanding cardiology solutions with a single user-interface.
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Medical Diagnostics
Contrast and molecular imaging agents


Integrated portfolio in care areas

Coronary Care Unit
Connect to prompt, powerful, portable monitoring solutions for the CCU.

Leading the Healthcare (R)evolution.

Emergency Department
Get the solutions you need to drive productivity while maintaining quality in the Emergency Department.

Diagnostic Cardiology
Meet your total diagnostic cardiology needs with GE Healthcare’s portfolio of tests and services.

Primary Care
Through the application of technology, GE can improve the efficiency of primary care practice

Home Health
Bring health to the home with innovative solutions from GE Healthcare.

Connecting your cardiovascular imaging and workflow.



Young physicians and doctors can now benefit from new powerful interactive online training tool in multimodality cardiac imaging.

GE Healthcare and Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council in Pisa have signed an agreement for the delivery of a newly created online tool for training in appropriate use of multimodal imaging technology in cardiology in collaboration with the ESC.

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