Worldwide healthcare leadership at your service.

Healthcare is transforming. Changes in populations, the prevalence of chronic diseases and improvements in treatments are all reasons why you’re in need of solutions to improve the performance of your healthcare system. Whether private or public, this transition is forcing healthcare leaders to find more innovative ways to reduce costs, improve outcomes and expand access to healthcare.

More often, healthcare leaders are looking to engage private capital, expertise and resources to improve healthcare services. Public sources of funding alone can no longer fund all healthcare infrastructure needs. By harnessing the power of private financing, healthcare leaders are finding success in their healthcare delivery systems and in meeting public policy goals.

Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) can be leveraged by both private sector entities and public agencies to share resources, skills and assets to accomplish a healthcare objective. Unlike many traditional agreements, PPPs are long-term and risks and investments are mutually shared. The complexities inherent to providing healthcare services, in combination with contracting with the private entities, can seem daunting. GE Healthcare can help you maneuver this process and provide vital insights as you formulate your solution.

Common advantages of Healthcare PPPs:

  • Sharing risks
  • Access to capital funding
  • Facilities completed on-time and budget
  • Well-maintained buildings and equipment
  • Potential to transfer CAPEX to OPEX
  • Project cost savings
  • Efficiency gains in health services delivery
  • Enhanced measurements to ensure delivery of quality and performance standards

Managed Equipment Services

GE is working with governments, health systems, financiers, contractors and other stakeholders to develop Managed Equipment Service (MES) Agreements.

An MES is a strategic service agreement leveraged by Health Systems to:

  • Prevent technology obsolescence
  • Ensure access to technology and comprehensive asset management
  • Transfer from CAPEX to OPEX funding and access custom financial solutions
  • Provide long-term budget and capital planning certainty
  • Enable equipment uptime guarantees and other performance metrics
  • Operationalize and streamline long-term purchasing mechanics and management
  • Provide reassurance to clinical staff that access to the latest clinical capabilities will continue

Many clients have found success in working with GE Healthcare. Our knowledge and expertise as an equipment manufacturer offers your clinical staff a tremendous amount of support in regards to clinical applications and training. We often provide guidance throughout the entire tender process; taking a seat with the planning or operations committee and becoming part of your PPP/MES team. Our existing service network provides unparalleled support globally to reduce equipment down time.

In addition, we offer flexible financing options and project management to response to your changing needs.

Health Systems

Experience, technologies and best practices to enhance productivity and expand care.

Every day, you are focused on improving the financial and operational outcomes throughout your health system, while continuing to improve the quality of care delivered to patients. That’s why we’re focused on helping you make every dollar, every person, and every asset in your organization perform at its highest level.

At GE Healthcare, we help health systems by delivering expertise, capabilities and scale like no one else – from our solutions in care delivery management and enterprise imaging to our focus on population health, operational and financial management. The tools and support we provide may help you make data-drive decisions that improve financial performance, clinical quality and operational efficiency to help you grow.

We can help you:

  • Reduce costs, improve asset utilization and enhance productivity by connecting advanced diagnostic tools and system-wide image management platforms across the care continuum
  • Assess technical and clinical needs of each department, replacement needs and patterns and define service level needs
  • Comprehensive product portfolio from IT solutions that can streamline primary and specialty care workflows through improved clinical documentation, quality reporting, analytics and surveillance to the latest diagnostic imaging equipment to enhance patient experience, reduce wait times and improve workflow efficiencies
  • Capture, manage and link clinical and financial data throughout your system to generate insights that help you make data-driven decisions related to such areas as cost management and care area expansion

Ministries of Health

Unique solutions to expand healthcare to improve the delivery and quality of care.

GE Healthcare works locally with organizations around the world to help them meet the healthcare needs of their growing populations. We bring together years of experience and best practices to help you overcome the challenges associated with delivering better healthcare to more people. Understanding that each government and organization is different, we create and implement unique solutions that quickly achieve sustainable results and then measure performance to ensure goals are met.  Think of GE has a key teammate as you develop and managed your Public Private Partnerships (PPP)/Managed Equipment Services (MES).

We can help you:

  • Build and design important PPP and MES projects to help meet your changing needs while sharing risks and investments
  • Meet the demands of populations by helping to build facilities and capabilities that will enable to you to deliver enhanced and/or expanded clinical services
  • Access private sector knowledge and capital funding
  • Create the right infrastructure, processes and solutions to transform the way healthcare is delivered
  • Bolster confidence and demonstrate your ability to improve care delivery and quality in an efficient and cost-effective manner

Project Sponsors/Investors

Flexible financial solutions and risk management to help enhance performance and outcomes.      

GE has a long history of working with partners in PPP/Project Finance related consortia and with EPC contractors across many types of infrastructure projects. We understand the complexities of working in a consortium structure and consistently deliver to mitigate risks and maximize financial performance. Within the Healthcare business, we provide our customers with expertise in hospital operations, technology management, and healthcare market dynamics. Our ability to offer flexible financing options and our proven experience in large infrastructure projects allows us to align with your goals and commit to deliver consistent and reliable results.

Advantages of working with GE Healthcare:

Assessment /Planning Phase

  • Knowledge of local markets and healthcare trends
  • Government relations and marketing support
  • Flexible and customized financing options
  • On-site, early stage site analysis and continuing planning support
  • Flexible contract terms and collaborative negotiations
  • Clinical and financial proof cases demonstrate our ability to deliver value for money
  • Room design and site plans for medical equipment
  • Dedicated global and local market teams
  • Eco-imagination products

Construction Phase

  • Flexible and customized financing options
  • On-time and reliable delivery, turn-key installations and on-going training
  • Dedicated project management

Management/Operational Phase

  • Flexible Technology Refresh program to avoid obsolescence
  • Managed Equipment Services that move CAPEX to OPEX
  • Long-term asset management and service
  • Leverage data analytics to increase financial and operational efficiencies
  • Strong past performance record of delivery
  • Dedicated global and local market teams