Overview and Benefits

Preventive Maintenance checks are integral part of One Services portfolio:

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Maintaining complex systems in prime condition is a science in itself.

Our goal is to help you maximize productivity and efficiency by minimizing downtime and repair costs, extending the useful life of your system.

Preventive Maintenance checks help you achieve:  

  • Confidence in your results for accurate and reliable diagnosis through regular PM visits for all your different systems
  • Predictable ownership costs – rates are guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Investing in regular PM visits is more cost effective than ad-hoc repairs. 
  • Minimal disruption thanks to planning that fits your schedule – out of working hours for eligible contracts 
  • Compliance with regulatory standards for applicable systems 
  • Maximized performance and uptime

Service Technologies for Preventive Maintenance

GE Healthcare’s service technologies,1 empower Online and Field Engineers at each step of PM procedures to deliver an outstanding experience to customers like you:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your system on top of regular Preventive Maintenance on-site checks: OnWatch proactive monitoring solution helps ensure the highest possible availability of your system by preventing unplanned disruptions. 
  • Remote system evaluation prior to on-site PM intervention: InSite* remote connection – GE Online Engineers perform remote evaluation of your system parameters before the actual on-site PM.  
  • Maintenance and service requests monitoring at a glance: iCenter* online asset maintenance and management software – provides you access to the service history – planned and corrective maintenance, uptime, and contract status.

1. Some solutions might not be available for all GE Healthcare systems.