Take advantage of improved performance and extended capabilities with Installed Base Solutions.

At any time during your equipment life cycle, a range cost-effective offers can make you benefit from :

  • Technology evolution to the latest generation : X-ray digitalization, new multi-modality integration features

  • Technology obsolescence management: review workstation upgrades with new advanced clinical apps, new connectivity options on imaging systems


Choose Installed Base Solutions to help you optimize your workflow.

Medical imaging changed how doctors manage and even think about their patients.
Nowadays, many departments are facing challenges:  

  • expectations for faster, more precise imaging 

  • increasing responsibilities

  • limited resources 

Streamline your assets to help maximize your most valuable asset - time, and focus your resources where they belong: on patients, not processes.

With Installed Base Solutions offerings you can effectively leverage new technologies and get more from your current resources. 

Clinical capabilities

Choose Installed Base Solutions to expand your areas of practice.

Continuous development of technology enlarges the number of opportunities that are available. You can now get access to a vast array of solutions that deliver new capabilities, helping you to expand your clinical scope.

We can help you improve your quality of care.

We propose coils, review workstation upgrades, suspensions, wall stands, and much more to help you serve more patients and enhance your abilities to provide diagnostics.

Image quality and dose

Choose Installed Base Solutions to help ensuring compliance and optimal patient comfort.

  • With the evolution of technology and new requirements, the need to focus on patient care remains constant. Having the best possible image quality is a key factor to success in your daily job, so finding a balance between lower dose and excellent image quality is key.

  • Installed Base Solutions are there to help you ensure compliance with regulations that apply to your activities, in a simple and cost-effective way, with no compromise on exams results.

We can help you meet requirements on dose limits 

  • Replacing the X-Ray generator will assist your facility in compliance with dose limits that apply to your activity.

  • X-Ray digitalization, through flat panels such as FlashPad and AeroDR, will also help you meet applicable requirements on dose limitations.


Choose Installed Base Solutions to benefit from a broad access to your clinical data, when and where you need it

  • Acquiring and reviewing clinical images is only one part of your daily work. Retrieving data and applications from various locations, in a quick and easy manner, may allow you to streamline your processes and smooth the review cycle. 

  • By upgrading your asset with our solutions, you can take advantage of more options to save and share your exams, helping you to collaborate more deeply with other radiologists or supporting referring physicians. 


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