Education Solutions - Appslinq*

Connect to an application expert for assistance or training anytime, anywhere.


Empowering you in your  daily use of your diagnostic imaging equipment: 

  • Receive live, on-screen clinical expert support and training;  
  • Schedule coaching sessions at a time that is best for you;
  • Increase your confidence in managing new scanning technologies: reduce scan time and optimise protocol use  while improving quality of imagery


Secure Access.

AppsLinq is a combination of three GE Healthcare developments:

  • The Insite* remote diagnostic and repair platform,
  • The iLinq* system allowing direct access to on-line specialists and The TiP Virtual Assist control-sharing device.

It is TIP Virtual Assist that allows the on-line Clinical Education Specialist to see what appears on the console of the scanner or on the Advantage Workstation, even if they are sitting many kilometres away.

The equipment's console or the radiology workstation is accessed by way of a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) and the connection can only be made at your invitation. Both the Clinical Expert and the operator share control over the cursor on the equipment's computer screen.

Discover Appslinq*

Your Space.

Receive live, on-screen clinical expert support and training.

With AppsLinq, you can get live application support from a clinical expert over the phone and through your equipment console or Advantage Workstations. Our remote experts can help solve procedural or processing issues in real time—as you encounter them.

No more distance: these clinical experts see exactly what you see on your screen and can even take control over your cursor to personally show you how to navigate the imaging system faster and more efficiently. Together, you will discover a new space of knowledge—your space.

It’s as good as having an expert sit alongside you when you are trying to deal with a problem such as unexpected error message or unsatisfactory images with a particular protocol.

There is no need for lengthy explanations. GE's expert advisor can quickly identify the source of the problem, carry out the actions necessary to resolve any issues, and watch as you repeat the procedure to make sure you are comfortable with similar situations in the future.

Using AppsLinq*

Your Time.

Schedule learning sessions when it is convenient for you and your staff.

Our clinical experts provide first-class training when it is convenient for you, throughout the duration of the service contract. Accelerate your performance and acquire new diagnostic skills by having an expert explain and demonstrate proper protocols right on your screen.

You may want to start by practising your routine, with real-time feedback. Or jump to the next level, adding new diagnostic skills to your range of expertise, with on-screen intensive coaching from our remote specialists—individually or in small groups. With proper guidance and the right protocols regularly updated, you may quickly be confident enough to practise these new techniques and procedures you thought were out of your reach.

Developed for you

Your Way.

AppsLinq was developed for you – to help improve your skills and allow you to handle whatever comes your way. It is meant for you—to be empowered.

Call on AppsLinq support at any point during the examination of a patient, whether it is  a familiar procedure that you want to optimise or a new procedure for which you need the guidance of an expert.

Decide when and where you get training and/or support. You receive the benefits of formal on-site training with the flexibility of a distance learning.

Use on-screen, intensive coaching-both individually and in groups of up to four people at a time-to help improve performance and provide faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective service for your patients.

With flexibility like this, not only will AppsLinq help you improve your performance level, it can also help reduce scan time, allowing you to optimise the time spent with your patients.


Shared Experiences.

Early users of the AppsLinq program report a great level of satisfaction: they were able to acquire more diagnostic data while reducing examination time. This higher level of productivity and clinical excellence helped increase the number of daily appointments and serve a greater number of patients without any change in operations.

Successful outcomes: how others are optimising protocols with AppsLinq:

Villa Maria group's facility Casa di Cura in Rimini, Italy: Radiologists report AppsLinq consultations helped improve examination speed by 30% and reduced scanning time by more than 15% on specific exams. Dr. Giuseppe Madia said radiologists at the center have increased confidence in image quality, with each image providing more diagnostic information than before.

The Ambroise Paré Hospital in Paris, France: Radiologists report spending 20% less time in post-processing diagnostic work.

Centre for Radiology and the Treatment of Tumours (CRTT) in Versailles, France: Radiologists discovered that delays are often associated with the detailed settings for complex scanners. With the assistance of an online AppsLinq expert, radiologists were able to dial in the correct settings for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner. Additionally, by correcting an improperly set repetition time (TR), time savings increased by 50% per sequence. The reworking of the Short TI Inversion Recovery (STIR) sequence with the AppsLinq expert reduced exam times by a further 10%. Finally, one minute per patient was gained by refining the settings for an advanced sagittal pulse sequence used in breast imaging



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