Make better decisions with greater insight


Understanding changes in healthcare performance requires monitoring, analysis, timely reporting, and action based on information.

GE Healthcare’s iCenter ™ gives you on-line access to the vital operational and performance information you need to manage your GE Healthcare diagnostic imaging systems.


Become a performance-driven healthcare organization with service and operational performance management.

GE Healthcare iCenter ™ delivers powerful features which allows you to get instant, easy access to critical service information: open service requests, equipment uptime and service history and so on which enables you to plan faster and do more with potentially less budget and fewer resources. At the same time this information is at your disposal to help you better manage efficiencies in your departments.


Get up-to-date information to support sound decisions

With iCenter ™ you are able to monitor, analyze, plan, organize and prepare reports. Confidence in your output increases with accurate and consistent results. This will aid you prioritize strategic goals, modify plans based on financial and operational changes, while empowering all stakeholders to make better grounded decisions. Ultimately, iCenter ™ allows you to explore reporting possibilities and experience new levels of productivity.


Get easy access to information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Information has to be available when your organization needs it to enable greater control of your operations and optimize efficiency. iCenter ™ helps you demonstrate operational success by closing gaps between strategy and operational execution. It allows a retrospective look at all the planned maintenance visits performed on your GE Healthcare systems in the past year and a prospective look at the visits scheduled for the coming year.

Decision support

Make better decisions with greater insight

The visualization and reporting functionalities of iCenter ™ addresses crucial needs such as reducing costs and improving efficiency by providing a consolidated and reliable overview of your facility.    iCenter ™ captures the average number of procedures per individual, study types & volumes, so you can streamline procedures and demonstrate success. Literally, you gain intelligent new tactics for aligning operation and investments with your department strategy.


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