AppsLinq is an integral part of One Services portfolio, included in One Trust contract, for eligible systems.

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Direct, interactive access to an online application specialist for enhanced support. Integral part of One Services portfolio.

AppsLinq remote education services empower you in daily use of your diagnostic imaging equipment, helping you to reduce staff training costs by up to 33% and enhance patient throughput up to 30%1.

Appslinq help you to: 

  • Receive live, on-screen clinical expert support and training: live application support from a clinical expert over the phone and through your equipment console or Advantage Workstations by screen sharing
  • Schedule coaching sessions at a time that is best for you: practise your routine or add new diagnostic skills to your range of expertise with on-screen coaching from our remote specialists – individually or in small groups.  
  • Increase your confidence in managing new scanning technologies: support is available at any point during an examination of a patient, whether it is a familiar procedure that you want to optimise or a new procedure for which you need the guidance of an expert.  
  • Reduce scan time and optimise protocol use while improving quality of imagery: early adopters of the AppsLinq report acquiring more diagnostic data with reduced exam times, which translates into increased productivity and clinical excellence.

1. Source: GE HCS Global Services AppsLinq Healthymagination Evidence of Value Study.

Outcomes for you

Hospital of Argenteuil

Located north of Paris, with a staff of more than 2400 professionals, the Argenteuil Hospital responds to the health needs of a population of 250.000.

Scheper Hospital

Scheper Hospital is located in the north-east of Netherlands. With over 1,400 employees, the hospital performs more than 92,000 outpatient exams and almost 17,000 day treatments.

Discover outcomes that AppsLinq can deliver to you, your staff and your patients, based on the experience of the Hospital of Argenteuil, France and Scheper Hospital Emmen, Netherlands.

CLINICAL OUTCOMES – enhanced image quality helps provide precise and quick diagnosis:

“AppsLinq helps spread clinical education among everyone working at the institution”, admits Mr Pierrot, Lead Radiographer, Hospital of Argenteuil. “We are able to deliver better patient care, enhanced image quality helps provide precise and quick diagnosis.”

“Direct, real-time support is a big improvement to our workflow.  It helps to increase our confidence in the system and get better exams. The more exams we do with better results, the more self-assured we become”, says Gert Tempelman, Radiographer from Scheper Hospital.

OPERATIONAL OUTCOMES – flexible training and real-time support for smooth patient flow:

“Very often little changes that we make to the parameters result in big improvements in image quality. Radiologists then request less sequences, so the time for exam decreases, which makes it possible to fit more examinations in a day”, explains Tempelman

“The support we get through AppsLinq is way faster than scheduling an appointment with an application specialist”, says Ms Goulhot, MR Specialist Radiographer, Argenteuil Hospital. All of that enables smoother patient flow. “Confident staff are able to manage exams more efficiently, which contributes to no extra waiting time for patients.”, concludes Mr Pierrot.

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES – remote sessions for all team members thanks to minimized travel costs:

“Remote education also helps us minimize the travel costs we would normally need to handle when attending off-site trainings. What is more, we can also involve more members of our staff in one training session”, says Mr Pierrot.