AgileTrac Asset Manager uses Real-time Location System (RTLS) technology to enable tracking of mobile medical assets via easy-to-use Web tools

GE Healthcare AgileTrac Asset Managemenr


AgileTrac continually feeds real-time data into workflow dashboards providing users with immediate access to the information they need to:

  • Find equipment quickly—Staff can spend more time on patient care, less time searching.
  • Control distribution— AgileTrac helps manage stocking levels of critical assets, automatically sending alerts when more devices are needed for seamless care delivery.
  • Reduce rental expense—With more equipment in circulation, rentals decrease. Also, AgileTrac will calculate rental cost per day and track due dates for timely return.
  • Prevent loss—Customized loss prevention alerts help keep vital equipment where it belongs.

Customers tell us that adding AgileTrac to manage their clinical assets is like turning on a light switch. One day they're in the dark about their mobile assets; the next day, they know exactly where each one is and how it's being used.

For more information, visit the Hospital Operations website.

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