Asset Management Overview

How well hospitals manage their mobile clinical assets is a key factor in the cost and quality of care delivery. Many hospitals are losing millions of dollars and potentially putting patients at risk because of bloated and underutilized asset inventories, ineffective workflow processes, lack of asset information, and limited maintenance and service practices. 

Are you concerned with: 

  • Improving asset utilization 
  • Right-sizing mobile device inventories 
  • Reducing capital and operating expenditures 
  • Increasing staff productivity 
  • Improving regulatory compliance
  • Preventing loss

The Asset Management practice gives healthcare organizations access to operational expertise, proven methodologies, and enabling technologies to help dramatically improve the availability and utilization of assets. GE can help drive efficient patient care and reduce operating and capital expense.

performance solutions asset optimization.

iCenter brings together consulting and technology to help healthcare organizations achieve a more cost-effective asset-to-patient ratio by right-sizing equipment inventories, redesigning workflow, and encouraging employee adoption of new asset distribution processes.

AgileTrac uses Real-time Location System (RTLS) technology to enable tracking of mobile medical assets so that users have immediate access to the information they need to locate equipment, control distribution, improve compliance, prevent loss, and reduce costs.

performance solutions assetplus.

AssetPlus is a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) solution that helps healthcare organizations manage asset-related risks via rigorous tracking of maintenance activities and control costs through precise scheduling of investments and better asset utilization.