GoldSeal refurbished pre-owned Senographe* 2000D mammography systems help you perform screening exams as well as diagnostic views. The Senographe 2000D is a complete modular system that offers the capability to acquire images in real time. GoldSeal makes the Senographe 2000D so you can deliver high exam productivity, as well as potential dose reduction when compared to film screen.

Mammography Senographe 2000D doctor with patient


The GoldSeal refurbished Senographe 2000D is a complete modular system that allows you to:

  • Acquire advanced mammography technology at an affordable price
  • Take full advantage of the digital technology, from screen image display to networking, filming, and archiving
  • Acquire images in real time
  • Process images with desired variations of brightness and contrast
  • Eliminate the need for film cassettes
  • Image in dose mode, standard mode, or contrast mode


The GoldSeal refurbished Senographe 2000D features include:

  • High-frequency generator
  •  Bi-metal anode tube
  • Maxiray 70 TD D Tube
  • Revolution* flat-panel digital detector
  • Cables link gantry, generator, and the control console (for placement in separate rooms)
  • Acquisition Workstation


The GoldSeal refurbished Senographe 2000D specifications include:

  • Power: 5kW max.
  • Ripple: <4% from peak to peak
  • Exposures time:
  • 35/40 ms to 20 s
  • Fixed SID = 660 mm
  • Panel active area: 19.2 X 23.04cm
  • Panel border: <4mm from chest wall
  • Pixel size: 100 microns
  • Image size: 9 MB
  • Acquisition bit depth: 14 bits

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Quality: Refurbishing done by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met.
  • Peace of mind: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available.
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service.
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest available software platforms.
  • Training: Operation and application training, with optional CE Tech training credits available.