You don’t have to choose between high-quality imaging and dose efficiency. GoldSeal lets you have both — at an affordable price.

The GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished Innova 2100IQ is a fully integrated imaging system that meets a range of clinical and diagnostic imaging needs. With the 2100 you’ll have excellent image quality and extensive real-time processing, along with efficient dose management. It helps you easily position patients, optimize your workflow, and be confident that you won’t lose excessive field size from geometric magnification. GoldSeal offers the power, flexibility, and versatility you need at a cost you can afford.

Innova 2100 product


The Innova 2100 is a fully integrated system that helps you to:

  • Rapidly acquire and reconstruct 3D cardiac and vascular anatomy images
  • Image enough anatomy without losing excessive field size from geometric magnification
  • Position patients with automated flexibility
  • Control system and images with intuitive tableside controls
  • Simplify stenosis analysis and distant measurements with OneTouch QA
  • Visualize stents easily with one-button activation
  • Achieve high DQE for dose efficiency
  • Translate a wide range of x-ray exposure intensities into digital signals without saturation


The Innova 2100 features include:

  • Single-piece flat panel digital detector
  • InnovaIQ Table
  • Innova 3D
  • InnovaSpin
  • Innova OneTouchQA Tableside
  • Innova IVUS
  • Stent Technologies  
  • DRM image processing

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Quality: Refurbishing done by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met.
  • Peace of mind: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available.
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service.
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest available software platforms.
  • Training: Operation and application training, with optional CE Tech training credits available.