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By combining the proven breadth and performance of the Vivid product line with the cSound™ powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform, the Vivid E95 takes 4D ultrasound to a whole new level – potentially helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams and cost of care.

Compared to many conventional scanners, the system acquires more information up front, enabling True Confocal Imaging and Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for robust image quality along with many valuable quantification tools and workflow enhancements.

The many ways Vivid E95 with cSound performance elevates patient care:

  • Detailed views into cardiac structures to enhance communication betweeen echocardiologists and interventionalists
  • Elevated performance in:
    • Near field image quality
    • Lateral wall definition
    • Image uniformity
    • Penetration


Faced with diverse body types and complex medical issues, many conventional ultrasound systems too often yield non-diagnostic exams that may hinder the efficiency of coordinated care. Recognizing this challenge,GE has taken cardiovascular ultrasound to a higher level with a new imaging platform called cSound.


Exceptional 2D and 4D image quality

The Vivid E95 quickly brings you quantifiable information with high contrast and spatial resolution – even for patients with body types or conditions that make them difficult to scan. GE’s XDclear™ probe technology pairs with our new imaging platform to capture data from every channel in the probe.

True Confocal Image for TEE

True Confocal Image for TEE introduces uniform focusing, combined with increased contrast resolution throughout the field of view at high frame rates.

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE) Powered by cSound’s advanced, software-based image reconstruction and graphics, ACE analyzes the channel data to find the best data for the image, helping reduce the need for more complex studies.


HDlive™ is an advanced visualization method that simulates light propagation and scattering through tissue.


Triplane lets you image three planes from the same heartbeat, with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Virtual Apex

Virtual Apex - Phased array probes provide a wide field of view for enhanced visualization of structures at the sides of the sector.


Define the care path

Quantification with Vivid E95 is all about helping providers evaluate and address cardiovascular issues.

Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

Automated Function Imaging (AFI) - Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest, calculating a large set of parameters.

AFI Stress

AFI Stress protocols acquire standard apical 2D views and quantify both longitudinal segmental and global strain wall motion assessment at each stress level.

4D Strain

4D Strain calculates both global and regional strain values based upon a spatial speckle-tracking algorithm. The information is presented in a strain bull’s-eye plot.

4D Auto AVQ

4D Auto AVQ automatically segments, aligns and quantifies the aortic outflow tract – vital to device sizing and orientation for TAVI/TAVR procedures.


Streamlining your exams

Vivid* E95 with cSound* performance makes 4D imaging as easy as 2D imaging with efficient and intuitive tools. The high-quality DICOM** adapts to your preferences in terms of resolution and gray scale. You’ll also appreciate the simple, tablet-like experience of the new configurable touch panel with an Image Manager for quick and easy access to patient images.

Multi-slice imaging

Multi-slice imaging, available in live or replay, helps the user extract conventional long-axis and short-axis views from 4D volume data sets.


With TEE procedures growing, so is the need to find ways to achieve the benefits of 4D imaging without compromising productivity. 

Powered by cSound, 4D TEE is simple, quick and clear on the Vivid E95. View precise images of the heart during assessment and diagnosis in the echo lab. Confidently steer image-guided procedures in the cath lab. Support invasive surgical procedures in the OR.

Laser Lines

Laser Lines enhances your depth perception by clearly showing the 2D-4D relationship as two lines superimposed on a volume rendering that reflects the two planes extracted from the original 4D volume.


Doctor next to Vivid E90

A familiar, yet modern and efficient package

  • 22" high-resolution OLED monitor
  • 12” LCD touch screen
  • Adjustable floating keyboard
  • Convenient data management
  • Easy mobility
  • Low power consumption with efficient and low noise cooling


Image and Measurement Transfer

  • Raw data and all measurements (including customized) from Vivid™ Systems
  • DICOM® and public DICOM® SR from 3rd party

EchoPac Post- Processing

  • Full access to GE raw data
  • Access to all Vivid measurement tools
  • Review, post -process, and measure using AFI, Wall Motion Scoring, etc.

Image Management

  • Store and review cine loops and static images
  • Measure
  • Annotate
  • Export
  • Send to/Retrieve from Long Term Storage


  • Create clean, comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Complete reports faster with quick report templates
  • Report templates for TTE, TEE, Stress, Vascular

Ultrasound Vivid E95 product image

IT Integration

  • HIS Interface (HL7)
  • Patient Data
  • Orders
  • EMR Interface (HL7)
  • Report Text
  • Formatted report (PDF)
  • PACS Interface (DICOM)
  • Export
  • Long term Archive


Vivid Club

The VividClub is a network of Vivid system users, all of whom are dedicated to clinical excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you’ll benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals, and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

Membership is free, and all the club benefits are yours, free of charge. 

Your personal benefits:

  • Invitation to User Days
  • Access to a dedicated members' area (Lounge) at congresses
  • Personalized mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members
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