Clarify your view.

Put ViewPoint 6 to work in your busy OB/GYN practice and help make ultrasound reporting easier, faster, and more efficient. Our flexible and scalable IT solution allows you to:  

  • Quickly and easily review data and images, and create a detailed, customized report to print, fax, save as a PDF, or send to an EMR system for final storage.  
  • Go paperless with digital measurement transfer, image management, and record storage—helping you save time and cost.  
  • Access comprehensive patient history, images, and details of an examination in one simple view.   Use the reporting module to transfer measurements directly from your ultrasound system to create comprehensive and customized gynecologic and obstetric reports, including images and graphs.  
  • Adapt ViewPoint’s easy-to-use, exam documentation screen exactly to your needs and use Quick Reports to define templates for common findings to speed up routine work.  
  • Automate functions like faxing or printing a report using the Exam States feature to complete common tasks.


Know more with comprehensive reporting features.

The Viewpoint for OB/GYN reporting module contains exams for 1st trimester, 2nd/3rd trimester, fetal well being, fetal outcome, and pelvic reporting, with fields including:  

  • Pregnancy dating
  • Multiple fetuses
  • Fetal biometry measurements and ratios
  • Fetal and maternal doppler
  • Fetal anatomy details and comments

Image Management

Image management made simple.

Whether you receive images from one ultrasound system or thousands of images from multiple systems, ViewPoint can manage them and help make your life easier.  

Help improve your productivity by viewing and processing images on ViewPoint. Now you can view your high-quality images from a variety of vendors in one place and help reduce the need to print images. The image gallery also allows you to:  

  • Rearrange images.
  • Auto-play cine clips.
  • Use new image display area layout.
  • View images on an additional monitor with dual monitor support.
  • Export images in DICOM, JPG, or MP4 format, and anonymize patient information.
  • Send images to a PACS system, or save them in ViewPoint.
  • Manipulate and analyze volumes using the fully integrated 4D View applications. 
  • Measure & annotate images, compare images from previous studies.

Continue to leverage your PACS investment and use ViewPoint to help optimize workflow within your ultrasound department. Or for private clinics and independent departments, ViewPoint has the power to be your standalone image archive solution.

4D View

Empower your workstation with 4D View.

Want a better view when post processing ultrasound datasets? The integrated 4D View application lets you:  

  • Manipulate and analyze volumes of LOGIQ* and Voluson* data.
  • Use 3D/4D processing off-line at a workstation, freeing your ultrasound system, and helping improve your overall workflow.
  • Generate 3D datasets from ultrasound systems that send DICOM multiframe.  (U/S vendor specific feature)

Plus, 4D View is fully integrated with the ViewPoint patient record, so your patient information is always accessible in one convenient location.

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Support from a trusted partner.

GE offers a full spectrum of support with experienced IT and ultrasound professionals—from applications and project management to interfacing and installation. We can address your situation to make sure your needs are covered.  

We provide comprehensive technical support with every ViewPoint 6 Software Maintenance Agreement. Our local and regional service staff can remotely access your system to provide assistance as required.  




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