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Ideal for shared service practices, the LOGIQ™ Forward Series* systems provide:

  • Excellent image quality for confident diagnoses
  • Simple operation and convenient connectivity to speed workflow
  • Responsive service and support

*LOGIQ Forward Series include LOGIQ F6, LOGIQ F8
 LOGIQ is a trademark of General Electric Company.

Image Quality

Quality images for diagnostic confidence

The LOGIQ Forward Series systems have many innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE ultrasound systems:

  • Image both very superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration
  • Phase-Inversion Harmonics and Speckle-Reduction Imaging help enhance spatial and contrast resolution
  • Real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing techniques help enhance tissue and border definition
  • Wide, dual-view monitor enhances visualization flexibility


Versatility for a wide range of applications

The LOGIQ Forward Series systems  are a step forward in versatility for abdominal, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, pediatric, and small parts imaging.

  • Hemodynamic imaging – B-Flow blood flow visualization and contrast agency detection, with time phase change
  • Cardiac imaging – AMM (Anatomical M-Mode), Auto EF, TVI (tissue velocity imaging) and Stress Echo for stress testing
  • 3D/4D imaging to capture fetal behavior

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Automation for workflow efficiency

Flash forward to enhanced productivity. The LOGIQ Forward Series systems improve workflow ease so you can focus on patients.

  • Intuitive design – Refined in more than 4,000 installations worldwide
  • 8.4-inch touch-panel – Puts relevant menus at your fingertips to facilitate uninterrupted scanning.
  • Obstetrical imaging – SonoBiometry to perform key fetal biometry measurements automatically in seconds, and TUI to analyze fetal structure deformities
  • Simplified peripheral connections – both wired and wireless – streamline archiving, and communication with physicians and patients



Responsive service and support

The LOGIQ Forward Series systems represent true value in ultrasound. It combines superb performance with excellent affordability and support to keep your practice moving forward.

  • Service coverage included on probes, parts, and labor
  • My Trainer - on-board training modules help accelerate user operational confidence
  • Scan Coach – Innovative scan plane reference tool available on demand during live scanning
  • Fast repairs – Modular design helps make repairs easy and fast, so there is less disruption to your patient flow. With the “one-box” swap repairs*, your system is back functioning quickly.
  • Remote diagnostics – Users can initiate diagnostics and auto-service requests right from the console to help maximize system performance.*

*Not available in all regions. Check for availability in your region.

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The LOGIQClub is a network of LOGIQ system users, all of whom are dedicated to clinical excellence in radiological ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you’ll benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals, and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

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