I can. With the LOGIQ* F series.

With the LOGIQ F series, GE offers you affordable ultrasound systems with excellent image quality for multiple disciplines. The new LOGIQ F8, LOGIQ F6 and the LOGIQ F3 B/W console are designed and to help you improve your workflow, give you peace of mind, and help you provide your patients with enhanced care.

Image Quality

Focus on image quality.

With the LOGIQ F Series, exceptional image quality helps you provide your diagnosis. Clarity helps you detect abnormalities or small pathologies.

Incorporating established capabilities from GE’s flagship ultrasound systems, the LOGIQ F Series provides you with an affordable way to offer the advantages of advanced, high-performance ultrasound to your patients.

Enhanced image contrast helps you distinguish between tissue types. The ability to image both superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration, helps you image with confidence.

Advanced tools and intuitive protocols help simplify image acquisition and enhance your overall image quality, with our suite of features including:

  • CrossXBeam
  • Phase-Inversion Harmonics
  • Speckle-Reduction Imaging

Forward-thinking capabilities allow you to enhance spatial and contrast resolution and sharpen border definition for outstanding image clarity.

Shared Services

Facilitate Shared Services

Thanks to the LOGIQ F Series shared services capabilities, users across multiple departments can image patients of various ages and sizes in a diversity of clinical areas—all with one intuitive ultrasound machine. Use advanced applications and a wide range of probes to perform:

  • Abdominal
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Small parts
  • OB/GYN
  • Pediatric imaging exams

Help enhance your workflow efficiency.

Advanced capabilities

Further your capabilities

The LOGIQ F Series features some advanced capabilities that help you expand the applications of your ultrasound practice as:

  • B-Steer
  • Auto IMT
  • Elastography*
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging with Q Analysis*
  • 3D/4D **


* These options are not available on the LOGIQ F6 and LOGIQ F3 consoles
** This option is not available on the LOGIQ F3 console

Fast workflow

Benefit from a Fast workflow.

Ease-of-use tools on the LOGIQ F Series help you reduce scan time, standardize exam protocols, and focus on your patients and the image, rather than the equipment. Expertly optimized image settings such as Auto Optimization help you quickly adjust image quality with the touch of a button, while personalized, simple-to-change settings provide flexible exams.

A touch panel technology help you reduce keystrokes by keeping relevant menus within reach*
Scan Assistant is a customizable scanning program that
helps decrease keystrokes, shorten exam time and enhance
exam consistency.

The potential result:

  • enhanced productivity
  • standardized protocols
  • additional patient focus

* This option is not available on the LOGIQ F6 and LOGIQ F3


Fulfill support needs

As a leader in the industry, GE continues to support you beyond the product. With education programs and online resources. You have access to product and applications videos to help ease your transition to a new system or support yourneed for more detailed training on advanced features.

Scan Coach is the on-demand education tool that can be used while live scanning. Scan Coach displays vital information which helps the user get the right scan plane.

With three years of comprehensive service coverage included, the LOGIQ F series systems give you value and peace of mind right from the start. If a service event ever occurs, GE is ready to respond quickly with customer support and modular repairs toget your system back in use.

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