Providing a stable, thermoregulated environment that enables fast, easy access to the baby, the Lullaby* Warmer helps clinicians meet the requirements of different care areas, from newborns in Labour & Delivery to at-risk infants in the NICU.

Microprocessor technology and intelligent engineering create a consistently warm bed with built-in monitors that notify caregivers of critical temperature events. The warmer is fast and designed to be simple to use, so the focus is on the baby, not the switches.


The Lullaby* Warmer is efficient, affordable and suitable for virtually all environments, from nursery to NICU:

Designed to help improve patient outcomes

  • Firm, flat mattress provides stable surface for all resuscitation activities

  • Exceptional heater performance for fast, uniform heat

Helps improve patient care

  • Easy and seamless bed tilt mechanism allows for Trendelenburg position or reverse

  • Collapsible side panels permit immediate access to the baby in an emergency while limiting thermal and physiological stress

  • Integrated X-ray tray allows imaging with minimal disturbance or repositioning 

Designed for staff efficiency and comfort

  • Intuitive and designed for ease of use

  • Baby / Manual temperature management modes

  • Well-positioned lighting for easier examination

  • Convenient APGAR timer

  • Rapid prewarming setting

Allows for infection control

  • Easy to clean and disinfect surface

Accommodates better family interaction

  • Large open mattress

  • Collapsible side mattress


Thermal performance technology

Fast warm-up and uniform heat delivery: Blue colour indicates mattress is warm over entire surface. 

Infrared heat energy

  • Energy is directed and reflected to the entire bed surface

  • Far infrared light prevents retinal damage

  • Parabolic reflector focuses heat to the mattress surface

Innovative Calrod heater design

  • Faster heating than ceramic

  • Minimal risk of rupture

  • Precisely matched to bed size for maximum heat coverage

Walls of Warmth to reduce radiant heat loss from infant

  • Energy directed to the side panels directly increase wall temperature

  • Patient’s skin temperature can be maintained at a low heater output

  • Reduced output results in lower insensible water loss


Lullaby* Warmer, a confident choice for infant warming

  • Designed for convenient caregiver access

  • Intuitive control panel

  • Baby and Manual control modes

  • Uniform heat keeps baby warm during resuscitation and procedures

  • Reliable “Walls of Warmth” and Calrod heater

  • Temperature probe guard

  • Clear visual and acoustic alarms

  • 15-degree tilt in both directions

  • APGAR timer with audible tones at one, five and 10 minutes

  • Examination lamp

  • Heater assembly rotation in either direction for easy X-rays

  • Integrated X-ray tray with marks

  • Easy to clean