In spite of welcome advances in neonatal care over the last decade, birth asphyxia remains a leading cause of infant deaths worldwide. There simply hasn't been widespread access to a resuscitation solution offering clinical performance, ease of use and affordability.

But now there’s a solution that delivers all three: The Lullaby* Resus Plus from GE Healthcare, a world leader in neonatal and developmental care.


The Lullaby* Resus Plus is an integrated T-piece resuscitation solution that is designed for a fast and error free workflow, enabling you to focus your attention on the baby in distress rather than the equipment.

The clinical performance you demand

  • Precise monitoring of, and control over, Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP), for effective inspiration
  • Fine adjustment of Positive End Expiration Pressure (PEEP)
  • Reliable pressure valves to vent excess PIP and limit PEEP
  • Accurate oxygen blending, 21% to 100%
  • Follows ILCOR guidelines and supports their equipment recommendations

The user friendliness you expect

  • Enables fast and easy workflow through an integrated ergonomic design with a built-in blender and flow meter
  • Single knob control for maximum and desired PIP enabling you to focus on your patient rather than the equipment
  • ON/OFF switch to use the device only when required and ensure that no gas is used when the device is switched off
  • Icon based easy to understand user interface backed by an easy to follow Quick Reference Guide
  • Compact and lightweight with an ergonomically designed handle for easy holding and intra hospital transport

The design for safety that you desire

  • A PIP override spring to help prevent the accidental increase in maximum pressure being delivered
  • High pressure relief valves for O2 and air in the rear manifold to avoid any damage to the device at high pressures