Small but Mighty – Empowering Babies’ NICU Journey

Combining innovative technology with exceptional thermal performance, the Giraffe Incubator Carestation is a state-of-the-art neonatal environment that promotes natural, peaceful healing, while fostering a close bond between families and their babies—allowing them to be present for every step of the journey. Additionally, physicians have improved access to their smallest patients, giving them a better chance at providing successful treatment, the very first time around.


Promoting Neurodevelopmental Care and Growth

Reinforcing GE’s commitment to babies, NICU clinicians and families keeping continuity in mind, the innovative Giraffe Incubator Carestation delivers exceptional thermoregulation and creates a protected environment for the optimal deployment of neurodevelopmental and family centered care.Additional benefits include:

Streamlined workflow through enhanced user interface and alarm management : The large color display (10.4 inches) and touchscreen user interface helps caregivers optimizing their workflow while monitoring and controlling the baby’s environment. Ready to apply comfort zone, quick admission and weighting procedures, and direct access to the settings make it easy to operate.

Safeguard from infection with advanced features and hands-free alarm silence: This is an important topic in the NICU. The Giraffe Incubator Carestation is designed not to promote bacterial or fungal growth1. The hands-free alarm silence allows caregivers, with a wave of hand, to turn off the alert eliminating unnecessary procedure interruption and baby stimulation.

Care station concept - supporting connectivity and uninterrupted care through GE’s “One Baby. One Bed.” Solution.

When paired with the Giraffe Shuttle, the Giraffe Incubator Carestation provides continuous warmth during intrahospital transport, in addition to promoting the growth and stability of even the most fragile of patients.

Our Giraffe Incubator Carestation has connectivity capabilities which allow communication with electronic healthcare records and hospital information systems.

Peace of mind and reduced total cost of ownership through extended warranty:

An innovative offering based on total cost of ownership establishing to partner with customer  on the long run and including 2 years of service coverage.

Enhanced technology inside for optimized maintenance plan.


The Warming Touch of Care

Every part of the Giraffe Incubator Carestation was thoughtfully engineered to enhance the care experience, while providing the best possible neuroprotective environment for the newborn.

Heat loss prevention

If either door panel is opened, Air Boost can be easily enabled to protect the baby from heat loss and support thermal stability.

Patented Baby Susan 360° rotating mattress

Thanks to the patented Baby Susan* technology, clinicians can easily reposition the baby, reducing negative touch and stimulation, while improving procedural success. Additionally, the mattress is pressure diffusing, thus reacting to the impact of the baby’s body and adjusting accordingly, to reduce stress and improve comfort.

Connectivity capabilities

Stay up-to-date on all your patients’ medical history with a system that can be connected to electronic healthcare records and hospital information systems. Note: This technology is equipped for future updates and upgrades.

Touchscreen display

10.4“ color display touchscreen helps caregivers streamline information and control the baby’s environment, while making important information readily available to eager family members; contributing to the personalized patient and family-friendly care environment.

Hands-Free Alarm Silence

With the wave of a hand, clinicians can quickly silence alarms, making it easier to provide immediate care, while maintaining a calm, soothing environment for the baby.



  • Maximum height (bed raised): 70 in (178 cm)
  • Minimum height (bed lowered): 60 in (152 cm)
  • Footprint: 45 in x 26 in (114 cm x 66 cm)
  • Weight: 304 lbs. (138 kg)
  • Floor to mattress height: 32 in to 44 in (81 cm to 111 cm)
  • Mattress size: 25.5 in x 19.2 in (64.8 cm x 48.8 cm)
  • Drawer size: 19 in x 20 in (48 cm x 50 cm)
  • Drawer depth: 8 in (20 cm)

Physical Characteristics

  • Full Color Touch Display: 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) LCD
  • Mattress tilt angle: 12° – continuously variable
  • Microfilter: 0.5µ – 99.8% efficiency (3M Filtrete™)
  • Tubing access ports: 13
  • Data collection: RS-232

In-Bed Scale Performance

  • Accuracy: ±0.35 oz. (10 g)
  • Range: 0.66 lbs. to 17.6 lb. (300 g to 8 kg)


  • 10 g (Factory setting) or 5 g (user selectable on non-EU scales)
  • The resolution of scales distributed in the EU region may vary depending on the scale revision:
    • Scales with revision 2.72 only have a resolution option of 10 g.
    • Scales with revision 2.86 have a resolution of 5 g for weights up to 5 kg and a resolution 10 g for weights from 5 kg to 8 kg.
    • The resolution on EU scales with software 2.86 and above is not user selectable.

Servo Oxygen Control Performance

  • Control range: 21% to 65%
  • Display range: 16 to 70%
  • Rise Time: < 10 minutes from 5% below set point in Whisper Quiet Mode
  • Recovery from opening porthole ≥ 5 minutes fro closing porthole to 5% below set point
  • Alarms ±3% from set point
  • Accuracy 5%

Inlet Pressure Maximum 620 kPa (90 psi)

Power Requirements

  • 11.5 A @ 100v ~, 50/60 Hz  2 A @ 100v ~, 50/60 Hz (Acc. Outlet)
  • 9.5 A @ 115v ~, 50/60 Hz    2 A @ 115v ~, 50/60 Hz (Acc. Outlet)
  • 5.5 A @ 220v ~, 50/60 Hz    1 A @ 220v ~, 50/60 Hz (Acc. Outlet)
  • 5.5 A @ 230v ~, 50/60 Hz    1 A @ 230v ~, 50/60 Hz (Acc. Outlet)
  • 5.5 A @ 240v ~, 50/60 Hz    1 A @ 240v ~, 50/60 Hz (Acc. Outlet)
  • Inrush for 1/2 cycle current <80 A

Note: For the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states in Europe, check with your local regulations with respect to the Non-Automated Weighing Instrument (NAWI) directive as to the process and frequency for scale calibration.

Humidifier Performance

  • Recovery time: <15 minutes (typical) Recovery to 75% RH with 39°C air set temperature
  • Operating time between refills: >12 hours @ 65% RH control setting in a 25°C/50% RH ambient
  • Reservoir capacity: 1000 ml
  • Servo Control Accuracy: ±10% for settings up to 85%: minimum 75% for settings >85%
  • Ramp-up time: ≤50 minutes – Time to reach 75% RH with a 39°C control temp from cold start in 25° C, 50% RH room.

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 20° to 30°C
  • Humidity: 5 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
  • Air Velocity: Up to 0.3 m/sec - Water Ingress: IPXO
  • Water Ingress: IPXO

Storage/Shipping Information

  • Temperature: -25° to 60°C
  • Humidity: ≤85% RH (non-condensing)
  • Pressure: 50–106 kPa

Service and Maintenance

  • Battery: 8.4V NiMH
  • Recommended Calibration/Preventative Maintenance Period: Annually
  • 2 years warranty parts and service for corrective maintenance. Contact us to learn more about our additional service offerings

System Performance

The device is designed to last at least 7 years in normal use when operated, maintained, and serviced in accordance with the instructions provided in the provided manuals. With proper maintenance and repairs, the service life can be extended as long as service parts are available.
Self-test functions are performed at power-up and during normal operation.

  • Expected Service Life: The device is designed to last at least 7 years in normal use when operated,maintained, and serviced in accordance with the instructions provided in the provided manuals. With proper maintenance and repairs, the service life can be extended as long as service parts are available
  • Patient measurement accuracy:±0.3°C between 30° and 42°C
  • Sound level (within patient compartment): Average 40 dBa (in Whisper QuietTM mode closed bed sound level measured 10 cm above the center of the mattress)
  • Air velocity: ≤10 cm/sec WhisperQuiet™ Mode
  • CO₂ level: 0.3%
  • Alarm sound level: Adjustable audible levels

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Giraffe Incubator Carestation

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