The E-PiCCO module provides continuous cardiac output (CCO) measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output (C.O.) and blood pressure (P).   

When combined with a CARESCAPE* modular monitor, the E-module enables a graphical view for quick hemodynamic status assessment.


  • Direct key on the module for zeroing invasive pressure channels 

  • Easy insertion/removal of module without interrupting other monitoring 

  • Uses Pulsion‘s PiCCO catheters    

When used with a CARESCAPE modular monitor the display can show:    

  • Up to six C.O. measurements, which can be edited for an averaged C.O. 

  • Hemodynamic calculation display view 

  • Graphical view from three to seven user-selectable parameters, including flow, volume and contractility

  • Editing of calculation input data 

  • Trending of calculations