Scalable networking of patient data

The S/5 Network connects the iCentral with S/5 patient monitors. Components of the S/5 Network and Connectivity solution include the CARESCAPE Gateway HL7** interface.


When S/5 monitors are networked to the iCentral central station, caregivers are able to continuously collect all patient monitoring information through the patient care process, across different care areas. 

Remote viewing: Caregivers can view monitoring data from any networked patient monitor on the iCentral. 

Data continuity: The patient case, including patient background, care notes, trends, event snapshots, Full Disclosure information laboratory values and ventilator settings, is stored and available for up to 72 hours after the patient has been discharged. 

Bed-to-Bed viewing: Alarms, numerics, waveforms and numerical trends can be configured for bed-to-bed viewing.


  • The S/5 Network provides scalable networking, viewing, storing and exporting of patient monitoring data. 

  • Information from S/5 patient monitors connected to an iCentral can be transferred to a Clinical Information System (CIS)