Ensuring an alarm notification reaches the right caregiver wherever they are on campus is vital. To deliver this, the GE Ascom solution has been created to add mobility to patient data distribution in real time. 

Interfacing patient monitoring with wireless hospital communications simplifies patient alarm management, and helps to align people, processes and technologies. Workflows are streamlined to help clinicians ensure the best possible outcomes. The GE Ascom solution – GE Healthcare’s patient monitoring CARESCAPE Network with the Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway – represents an excellent solution to help ensure these benefits can be enjoyed in every hospital.


Optimized alarm notification: Access to alarms is facilitated at any time, any place within the facility. Alarm management is also improved through filtering and prioritization, while aiding in avoiding alarm fatigue.   

Inbuilt security and safety: When it comes to the area of message acknowledgement and forwarding, the system increases reliability in the alarm management process. For example, if nobody acknowledges or rejects the message, it will be automatically escalated to the next person in line within a pre-set time. For further convenience, messages can be highlighted with colors according to their priority/urgency or to identify a specific sender. Color coding can also be used to indicate a message status. To begin with, the message is red. When somebody accepts the message, it changes to yellow and when actions have been completed it changes to green.    

Logging and proof of care: Logging of alarm events for workflow optimization and legal aspects helps to ensure accountability. Electronic documentation of, for example, response time to alarms improves the hospital’s position in the event of litigation. Audit trails can also be traced and root cause analysis capability (”related activities”) can be improved.   

Save time and reduce stress: The system is less intrusive and tiresome for staff – they additionally receive data from their dedicated patients directly to their mobile handset. This has a double-positive effect in that it reduces time losses in the workflow and allows nurses to perform other duties. At the same time, physicians can be confident that the care team is receiving the critical information they need to consistently deliver quality care.


We understand that hospitals have a significant investment in their IT infrastructure. With the GE Ascom solution, your hospital can preserve this investment. By leveraging the existing IT infrastructure to forward secondary alarms to the people who need them, patient alarm management is simplified. One common GE infrastructure underlies a full spectrum of clinical and communication solutions, thereby helping to reduce training time, improve interoperability, and eliminate the need to manage multiple systems.


The Mobile Monitoring Gateway extends the functionality of existing CARESCAPE patient monitoring network and telemetry systems to deliver automated secondary event notification to numerous end user devices, creating an environment of enhanced communications. The Mobile Monitoring Gateway delivers alerts to LED signs, pagers, DECT and WiFi phones allowing clinicians to better meet the demands of their patients’ critical care alarms from routine advisory to life threatening.