Beyond cyclotrons. Beyond chemistry synthesizers. There are other related types of equipment you need to fully equip your PET radiopharmaceutical facility. You need a wide range of advanced equipment to produce PET tracers, and GE’s TRACERcenter can help you choose what you need, including:   

Hot cells and fume hoods. We offer a comprehensive selection of products to meet your production needs while attending to radioprotection safety and GMP issues. Every hot cell and fume hood is compatible with, or configurable to, the full line of TRACERcenter chemistry synthesizers.   

Radiation shielding and lead containers. Minimizing operator exposure to radioactive material is a top priority in any tracer-production facility. TRACERcenter offers a wide range of solutions, from shielded workbenches to lead containers.   

Radiation monitoring. TRACERcenter has solutions for safeguarding PET facility personnel, including technology, equipment, and guidance.   

Dispensing system. When it comes to dispensing and fractioning the patient dose, accuracy and efficiency are critical. Whatever your preferences — vial or syringe delivery, automatic or manual operation — TRACERcenter will configure a solution that meets your facility’s needs.   

Please contact your local sales specialist for more information about these TRACERcenter-offered related equipment solutions.