The FASTlab product portfolio has been extended with FASTlab Developer which allows academic centers to develop their own novel, specialized research agents. 

By using the graphical cassette editor and sequence editor of FASTlab Developer, they can now easily define their own cassette layout, cassette test sequence and synthesis sequence. These can be stored in a tracer data package and this enables access to their new developed tracer. 


  • Enabling collaborative partnerships with academic and pharma companies

  • Easy development and introduction of additional, novel and highly specialized PET tracers 

  • Facilitating the translation between pre-clinical and clinical use of PET tracers.

  • Traceability and customized tracer report


Tracer Cassettes

FASTlab Developer cassette pack The FASTlab Developer cassette pack is a collection of the basic components needed to run 50 syntheses on the FASTlab synthesizer  (with link to datasheet).

FASTlabcassette Datasheets