Q.Suite is a set of 8 cutting edge technologies to neutralize and manage PET/CT acquisition variability.
This next generation tools drives quantitative consistency in :

  • Daily quality control

  • Workflow

  • Motion correction

  • Reconstruction algorithms

  • Analysis and reporting applications

The Suite of tools spans the workflow today and provides a strong platform for further innovation tomorrow:

  • Count-rate independent performance: maintain consistent quantitation across all types of tracers, scan modes and patient sizes

  • Real-time temperature compensation: automatic adjustment of  performance settings for any temperature change

  • Q. Core: accelerating quantitative workflow

  • Q. Check: quality control link between scanner and workstation

  • Q. Freeze: eliminate motion to get the clearest and accurate image.

  • Q.Static: helping reduce reducing organ motion effects

  • Q.AC: attenuation consistency for low dose protocols.

  • PET VCAR: automatic and iterative asset to quantitative information on patient’s response to treatment protocols.

Motion Management

Motion Match: Motion Match applications can help you more effectively plan radiation treatment for tumors that move when the patient breathes. 4D phase-matched reconstruction is GE's key to improved radiotherapy treatment planning.

Q. Freeze: Eliminate motion to get the clearest and accurate image.

Q. Static: Helping reduce Reducing organ motion effects quickly and simply. Q.Static represents a starting point for adding basic motion correction techniques to your facility and the opportunity to build towards a full 4D phase-matched workflow. Without disrupting your standard static whole-body workflow, we’re designing Q.Static to automatically isolate data when organs are in a low motion across the entire chest or torso. The result is a single image series with reduced blurring from organ motion, and therefore more consistent quantitation compared.

Reconstruction Technology

Now with Q.AC, a new CT reconstruction algorithm developed exclusively for GE PET/CT scanners, ultra-low dose CT attenuation correction (CTAC) techniques are possible while maintaining consistency in PET quantitation.
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