PET-CT-MR clinical image, spine.

Our trimodality imaging system is designed to capture high-quality images from PET/CT and MR scanners, then fuse them with Integrated Registration* software.

You can utilize leading-edge PET, CT and MRI technologies — together or individually — providing unparalleled choice, flexibility and clinical value.  Researchers and clinicians can access new technology to potentially improve image quality. See fine vessel detail. Visualize cardiac anatomy and function. Detect small lesions. Monitor response to therapy.  And forge a smarter path from clinical research to patient care.

Combining mature, robust technologies with new breakthroughs, trimodality imaging is intended to be one of the best investments available for researchers and multi-specialty hospitals. That’s why we celebrate it as another step toward helping you make the best decisions for your patients.


Our combined trimodality imaging with Integrated Registration* solution captures high-quality images on innovative GE scanners with the patient in the same position, and then enables fusing of  the images.

It helps you make the most efficient use of your PET/CT and MR imaging systems, by allowing you to still use these high-value assets independently for routine, standalone clinical exams in either modality. This technology gives you:

  • The ability to maintain a full clinical workload on your systems.
  • GE's latest PET/CT capabilities with high sensitivity, time of flight, and advanced motion correction techniques.
  • Proven MR platform with innovative applications such as 3D ASL*, eDWI* and Inhance* (non-contrast vascular assessment) to help you push the boundaries of clinical science.
  • Uncompromised PET & MR image quality while investigating new clinical applications.
  • The ability to compare to the proven CT-corrected PET images.
  • Ability to compare to proven PET/CT calculations for monitoring response using SUVs.
  • One-click registration between all of your CT, MR and PET image data, to accelerate your evaluation of multiple MR sequences.

GE Healthcare's trimodality imaging with Integrated Registration* solution allows the use of PET accessories for respiratory gating and cardiac imaging.


Leveraging our excellence in PET/CT and MR, GE healthcare now offers a trimodality imaging solution connecting three existing, proven technologies with a shared patient transport system and image fusion solution.

Based on mature, robust technologies, GE’s PET/CT+MR trimodality solution does not compromise the image quality of either modality.

  • Advanced PET/CT: An innovative tool for both the clinician and researcher, the Discovery* PET/CT family delivers exceptional detail and precision to help enable diagnostic confidence and enhance clinical decision-making.
  • Patient positioning for registration accuracy: To minimize patient movement and help enable accurate image registration, the patient stays positioned on the transfer board for both PET/CT and MR scans and while being transported between the systems. Registration tabs preserve patient positioning between studies.
  • Simply Powerful & Powerfully Simple MR: Built around our trusted superconducting 1.5T and 3.0T magnets, the Discovery* MR450w and MR750w deliver the power, resolution, speed and stability required for confident imaging, even in your most challenging, high-performance applications and all in a patient-friendly environment.
  • Precise fusion of PET/CT and MR images: Once the PET/CT and MR images are obtained, Integrated Registration* on the Advantage Workstation* registers them precisely and automatically to produce high-quality fused images.



Trimodality PET/CT + MR