Effective treatment. Tangible results.

The Discovery* PET/CT 710 is a premium platform to forge the future of PET/CT and new frontiers in clinical techniques, drug discovery and motion management. Its breakthrough tools for quantitative PET assist you in making appropriate treatment decision for individual patients. 

  • High PET sensitivity 

  • High definition image reconstruction

  • Low dose imaging

  • Advanced protocol flexibility

User's Benefits

Responsible care.

The systems is designed to provide the best possible image quality to help you assess response to therapy earlier and more effectively, allowing oncologists to modify treatment strategy without waiting for anatomical results. More effective therapy will  help improve patient’s quality of life

  • Speed and efficiency: high sensitivity detectors based on Lutetium-based scintillators.

  • Quantitative toolkit: capture consistent quantitative measurements thanks to its exceptional  dedicated set of imaging tools … learn more

  • Low dose for patient care: Help reduce the amount of radiation dose needed to produce high quality imaging… learn more 

PET Technology

Outstanding image quality & lesion detectability

  • Lutetium-based scintillator: Designed for speed and efficiency, the uniquely configured detector delivers the necessary high sensitivity to open new doors in high-count-rate protocols and explorations far beyond 18F-FDG tracers.

The result: Lower doses, fast scans and more flexibility when using research tracers.

  • Q.Suite: A breakthrough in quantitative PET of 8 different technologies to neutralize and manage variability … more on Quantification

  • VUE Point HD: Intelligent reconstruction technology provides outstanding image quality for most patient types experiencing small lesion detectability and an optimized signal to noise ratio. More … 

  • VUE Point FX: VUE Point FX incorporates greater contrast and activity delineation so you can achieve improved image quality. More … 

  • SharpIR: SharpIR is based on the detector response of the PET scanner in the iterative system model. More … 

  • Motion Match: Motion Match applications can help you more effectively plan radiation treatment for tumors that move when the patient breathes. More …

  • Learn more on PET Advanced applications 

CT solutions

Optima* CT660 SE - Because you simply want the best for your patients… 

The Optima CT660 is a new generation volume CT scanner with a simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation. 

It addresses a new era of exceptional patient care and operational excellence to facilitate fast acquisition at low dose. 

Learn More … 

Brightspeed* Elite 

Services & Solutions

We designed the Discovery* PET/CT 710 to help answer your clinical needs and we also provide a complete Service & Solutions offering to always enhance your daily experience:

Advanced Visualization with Dexus* 


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