The Dosimetry Toolkit is an advanced clinical application that can help you quantify changes in radiopharmaceutical absorption over time through analyzing multiple whole body SPECT/CTs or planar and SPECT/CT scans. Using the Toolkit for radioisotope treatment planning, you register all the acquired scans using semi-automatic tools. Then you segment the target organs and delineate activity zones. And finally you can calculate the volume, activity, and residence time per organ. 


The Dosimetry Toolkit application can help you plan and monitor radionuclide therapy allowing you to: 

  • Simplify the procedure for quantifying radiopharmaceutical absorption in organs
  • Define and report the treated organ’s volume, activity, and residence time of concentration
  • Reduce processing time
  • Use multi WB SPECT/C and/or WB planar datasets to quantify changes
  • Help planning radioisotope therapy
  • Replace tedious manual tools for organ definition and activity calculations


The Dosimetry Toolkit features:  

  • Semi-automatic tools to register all acquired scans to one common reference  
  • Interactive and semi-automatic tools for segmenting target organs and delineating activity zones
  • Standard dose syringe for system sensitivity calibration