When it comes to the heart, relative quantitative results aren't enough. Current SPECT MPI studies use the area of highest myocardial activity as a reference point for the rest of the perfusion study. If that reference point is also abnormal, it compromises the accuracy of the entire study. In addition, triple vessel disease (balanced ischemia) and microvascular disease don't always result in an abnormal MPI exam. For years, PET has been a well-established gold standard for MBF exams, but it can be limited by cost and accessibility. Recent advancements in SPECT technology have made it possible to enhance the clinical value of nuclear cardiology.

Alcyone CFR leverages highly-sensitive Alcyone technology in our fully-stationary, solid state DiscoveryTM NM530c and Discovery NM/CT 570 systems. It calculates coronary flow reverse and myocardial blood flow from a dynamic SPECT acquisition. In addition, it provides absolute quantitative results for both global and regional blood flow. With a wider availability of low cost SPECT tracers, previously limited to PET technologies, Alcyone CFR provides a real opportunity to explore the benefits of SPECT.


Research protocol development with a potential for stress-only acquisitions, dose reduction techniques and prognostic outcomes
Expand the confidence in, and size of, your nuclear cardiology practice