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The Discovery NM/CT 670 is designed to illuminate both the body and your mind. Allowing you to explore the deepest regions of your patient, while helping you find solutions that previously seemed out of reach. Empowering you to go discover new frontiers with:

  • 16 Minute Bone Protocol
  • Comprehensive Dose Management Solutions
  • BrightSpeed* Elite 8 or 16 slice CT with VCT Technology Inside
  • The Power of Xeleris* 3 Applications


Dose management


GE Healthcare offers an industry-proven adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction that may deliver noise performance (pixel standard deviation) equivalent to an acquisition with higher generator power.1

Our exclusive ASiR technology may enable reduction in pixel noise standard deviation, and may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of images, thereby reducing the dose required.1

IQ Enhance (IQE)

IQ Enhance (IQE) enables faster anatomical coverage using faster pitch helical scanning at similar Artifact Index level compared to slower helical scanning without IQE. This coverage speed is equivalent to that of wider detectors (50 slice equivalent) at same table speed.2

Dose Management

3D mA modulation acquisitions may reduce dose compared with fixed mA acquisitions.3

Increased Productivity

Enhanced efficiency: Half-time bone scans, automated and semi-automated acquisition setup and IHE compliant worklist-scheduled workflow improve efficiency and give you the ability to perform a complete Hybrid SPECT/CT plus WB Bone scan workflow in as little as 16 minutes of imaging time.

Outstanding Image Quality

A step forward in detector design, the Elite NXT detector enables exceptional image quality. Ultra-thin design and auto-body contouring minimize the distance between the patient and the detectors for excellent resolution while SPECT-optimized collimators and the exceptionally high count rate enable extremely precise event detection.

The Discovery NM/CT 670 also features a broad selection of advanced BrightSpeed* Elite imaging protocols to meet your most demanding CT scanning needs.

Advanced Applications

The Xeleris processing and review station delivers the power and versatility to help you diagnose, investigate and treat entire categories of disease. It integrates new and existing nuclear medicine equipment, including legacy GE and non-GE devices. Designed to provide consistent results and enhanced workflow, Xeleris keeps you connected to your images and applications from PACS and PCs within your institution and remotely.

The Discovery NM/CT 670 also features Volumetrix* MI, which allows you to precisely align SPECT, PET, MR and CT scans to enable high diagnostic confidence. Volumetrix MI also utilizes advanced motion detection and correction algorithms to give you the flexibility to register and display in 3D single or multiple SPECT and hybrid SPECT/CT scans.

Plus, Volumetrix 3D gives you an easier way to review hybrid data sets due to volume rendering, segmentation and fusion of SPECT studies with MR or CT scans.


The Discovery NM/CT 670 includes:

  • Volumetrix MI multimodality image registration tools
  • 16-minute bone protocol
  • Comprehensive dose management solutions
  • Broad selection of BrightSpeed Elite imaging protocols
  • AsiR technology to reduce mA in image acquisition
  • Pitch Booster/IQE to reduce helical artifact, allow faster pitch scanning
  • 2D and 3D Dose Modulation adjust mA according to anatomy
  • Dosimetry toolkit
  • Quantitative tracer uptake
  • Large 70cm bore, open gantry

Clinical Evidence

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1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

2. Helical Artifact Index is defined as: ((SD value at ROI1)2 - (SD value at ROI2)2)1/2. Two helical data sets were acquired to compute a Helical Artifact Index. Both helical acquisitions were acquired using kV:120, Gantry Rotation: 0.8S, Slice Thickness: 1.25mm, SFOV: Large, DFOV: 32cm, Start/End: S200-I370 and reconstructed using 512 matrix. One data set was acquired at 1.75:1 pitch with table speed of 37.5mm per rotation with IQ Enhance ON at 260mA and the other using 0.562:1 pitch with table speed of 11.25mm per rotation with IQ Enhance OFF at 160mA.

3. mA modulation is designed to optimize the dose for the user prescribed noise index. It’s effect on dose depends on the patient body habitus, and prescribed noise setting.

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