If the future arrived today; what could you accomplish?

GE is committed to pioneering technologies that enable clinicians to change the way that healthcare is delivered to patients. No where is this commitment stronger than in nuclear cardiology.

The Discovery NM 530c with CZT based Alcyone Technology is the nuclear imaging system you’ve imagined with the revolutionary capabilities that you told us you needed.

We’ve met the challenge and can now bring to you:

  • An up to 4 fold increase in sensitivity and zero equipment motion for improved image quality1.
  • Potential new clinical applications for 3D dynamic acquisitions enabling first pass and other dynamic applications.
  • The choice for dose reduction, fast acquisition or improvement in statistics - it’s up to you.
  • Scans as fast as 3 minutes improving your workflow and patient experience.

To learn more about this technology, visit our Clinical Image Library. 

1. Compared to conventional technology.

Alcyone Technology

Alcyone Technology: Breakthrough system design

The Concept

Multiple detectors

    • Focus on the heart
    • No detector motion
    • Dynamic 3D scans

Enabling Technology

    • CZT detectors
    • Focused collimation
    • Stationary data acquisition
    • 3D reconstruction

CZT Detectors: a brilliant leap in resolution

Image quality in nuclear medicine has been held back by the limitations of traditional detector designs. Alcyone technology breaks through these barriers with unique cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors. When combined with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), these detectors directly convert gamma rays into digital signals without the need for photomultiplier tubes. Alcyone technology combines CZT’s high stopping power with direct, loss-less conversion to deliver improved energy, spatial and temporal resolution1.

Focused Collimation: more information; less time

Another advancement with Alcyone is the use of focused multi-pinhole collimation to improve sensitivity and detection efficiency1. This GE exclusive design features an array of multi-pinhole collimators strategically positioned to view a specific body segment. With all pinholes focused on this segment – a volume large enough to encompass the heart – Alcyone delivers a “quality field of view” that focuses on cardiac anatomy and pathology with greater clarity and speed.

Stationary Data Acquisition: no motion equals fewer artifacts

With Alcyone’s focused collimation design, all views are acquired simultaneously during a fully stationary SPECT acquisition. Unlike other systems, the detectors and collimation are in a fixed position relative to the patient’s body during acquisition, so there is no equipment movement during the scan. This virtually eliminates the risk of motion artifacts due to inconsistent projections, resulting from patient movement projection to projection. It also significantly shortens scan times, reducing the frequency and magnitude of artifacts caused by patient motion or physiological changes.

3D Reconstruction: do more with your data

Alcyone takes advantage of a proprietary, fully 3D iterative reconstruction, developed and implemented in order to generate accurate and easily interpretable images of the myocardial region. The reconstruction model accounts for acquisition, detector geometry and physics, scatter and specific detector efficiencies and has been optimized for the best results in each clinical protocol.

1. Compared to conventional technology.

Alcyone Technology

Discovery 530c with Patient


The Discovery NM 530c with Alcyone technology brings together innovative solutions with the potential to redefine the way in which physicians study the heart, and bring productivity, clinical versatility and investment protection to your practice.


  • No movement; Improved accuracy & reduced artifacts
  • Scans as fast as 3 minutes; Improved patient care

Clinical Versatility

Highly versatile capabilities; acquire more data & do more with it

Consider how your clinical practice might be enhanced with a nuclear cardiology system that can:

  • Acquire volumetric dynamic SPECT data, opening the door to future flow applications.
  • Stop on a desired number of counts for SPECT and gated SPECT studies, so you can personalize acquisitions to each patient assuring adequate information density.
  • Acquire the sum of accepted and rejected beats during gated SPECT to eliminate the effects of gating errors on perfusion images.
  • Manually stop SPECT and gated SPECT scans while retaining acquired data to enable complete studies even when procedures have to be terminated prematurely.
  • Acquire list mode data, so you can see every event and mine patient data in new ways.

Discovery NM 530c Point Sources in Air Chart Excellent energy resolution; isotope optimization

  • Optimized for isotopes from 40 to 200 keV
  • Tc99m, Tl201 & I123 for single or dual isotope imaging
  • No need to change collimation when changing between isotopes
  • Excellent energy resolution has potential for simultaneous acquisitions

Higher sensitivity; significant dose reduction

Enables an increase in sensitivity, which can be translated to:

  • Faster acquisition time
  • Or increase in statistics
  • Or reduction in dose
  • Or any combination of these elements for imaging the heart without compromising image quality

Discovery NM 530c Alcyone Fast Protocols Chart

Flexibility for personalized dose management

  • Flexibility to manage dose more efficiently with up to four times lower injected dos

Investment Protection

We have built a solid foundation for your nuclear cardiology department to grow from. It started with the Ventri system and its innovative, open architecture that enabled you to image 99% of your patient population with confidence. The Discovery NM 530c is the next step forward, taking the Ventri platform to a higher level with our breakthrough Alcyone technology and its potential for improved image quality, faster scan times, advanced applications, and lower dose.

Rest assured that in moving forward, we are leaving no one behind. GE Healthcare provides a practical upgrade pathway from Ventri to the Discovery NM 530c and Discovery NM/CT 570c systems – so you can expand your nuclear cardiology capabilities to meet your changing needs.

ACCESS Toolkit

Alcyone ACCESS Toolkit

Alcyone Technology on the Discovery NM 530c brings a host of new capabilities to nuclear cardiology imaging that are waiting to be explored and discovered. Acquiring more data, and the ability to do more with it is key. The Alcyone ACCESS toolkit is a productivity tool package aimed at helping Alcyone advanced users exploring the technology’s capabilities and brings a new approach to SPECT imaging, with the potential to develop new applications and improve clinical care.

Composed of a collection of tools that may be used in conjunction with each other or separately:

  • Alcyone Lister Tool: Off-line processing of acquisition list mode data
  • Alcyone Dynamic Analysis Tool: tool for analysis of dynamic data
  • Alcyone Reconstruction Tools: productivity tools for image reconstruction
  • Alcyone External CTAC: allows the use of a separately acquired CT for attenuation correction

Alcyone Lister Tool1: an optional application for reframing original list mode scan data acquired from Alcyone technology cameras, using parameters that are different than those used during acquisition. The Lister tool has two modes of operation: interactive and automatic batch processing modes.

Alcyone Dynamic Analysis Tool1: option assists with flow measurement of dynamic SPECT & Planar Alcyone images and allows display, fit, and export time activity curves (TAC) based on two dimensional (2D) region of interest (ROI) of reconstructed data. Includes:

  • ROI Drawing tools for Dynamic Images
  • Interactive Count calculation and display
  • Online Gamma Fit calculation and display
  • Data Export for post-processing calculations

Alcyone Reconstruction Tools1: option includes five applications that improve productivity for image reconstruction – Batch Recon, Filt3DBatch, Make SA, Make Scatter, and System Matrix Generator.

Alcyone External CTAC: an optional application where external GE CT scanner data can be used for the Attenuation Correction (AC) of the Emission data. The attenuation maps are built from the nominal CT slices by the Attenuation Correction QC (ACQC) application that is integrated in the Myovation application.

Alcyone Miscellaneous Tools: productivity tools for further exploration of Alcyone technology capabilities that are standard.

  • Alcyone Count Metric1
  • Alcyone to Multigated Views1
  • Alcyone Motion Detection

1 Results derived from this application are for technology exploratory use only and should not be used for patient diagnosis.



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