Doctor and clinician using Senographe Essential Stereotaxy machine on female patient

Senographe Essential Stereotaxy provides accurate access to the breast lesion, allows optimal patient positioning, and enables an easy switch from full-field digital mammography to a stereotactic biopsy mode.

The Senographe Essential Stereotaxy system can be added to GE's Senographe Essential* and Senographe DS* allowing you to conduct screening, diagnostics and interventional procedures in the same room.


Delivers Clinical Confidence

  • Accommodates both vertical and lateral approaches to optimize access to the lesion.  
  • Switches from full-field digital mammographic acquisitions to stereotactic acquisitions, with a dedicated positioner that can accommodate different biopsy devices.
  • Allows access to any lesion with 360° access to the breast and a broad field of view (10 x 8 cm).
  • Can be used for core biopsy and vacuum assisted biopsy, as well as for fine needle aspiration and hook wire localization exams.
  • Integrates TechInsight (optional) to allow review of priors while acquiring the current exam.
Close up of Senographe Essential Stereotaxy machine

Provides Expanded Performance

The ‘all-in-one’ solution that switches from screening to diagnosis to stereotactic.  

  • Switches easily from screening to diagnostic to stereotactic, allowing non-surgical biopsy, which helps to determine patient follow-up without hospitalization.  
  • Average exam time per patient is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Compatible with the majority of biopsy devices.
Doctor and nurse using Senographe Essential Stereotaxy machine on female patient

Defines the Patient Experience

  • The Ultra DBI patented table allows sitting and decubitus positions.
  • The patient in lateral decubitus position is not subject to vagal episodes.
  • Offers comfortable positioning to patients of any age or morphology.


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