The Senographe* Crystal mammography system makes it easy to transition to full-field digital mammography. Simplified installation and a small footprint help you get up and running quickly. 

Automated functions, an intuitive interface, and compact, ergonomic design help to enhance throughput and patient comfort. And excellent 2D image quality is designed to give you the clinical confidence you need.


Helping you maximize throughput with minimal effort

With its simple installation, slim design, and ability to support high throughput, the Senographe Crystal lets you do the job with speed and ease.

Installs as quickly as in a single day
Thin and lightweight, just 300 kg (660 pound), Senographe Crystal is simple to install. In fact, it can be installed as quickly as in a single day—so you get up and running fast.

Saves precious space
With its small footprint, Senographe Crystal is designed to fit in small spaces—whether you’re building a new room, re-configuring a small room, or re-purposing an existing room. Its counterweighted motorized lift is one of the smallest in the industry. Plus the C-arm’s tight turning radius makes efficient use of space.

Fast boot means no waiting
GE’s new CMOS detector lets you boot up in just 2 minutes. Thanks to CMOS technology, this detector has no complex liquid or fan cooling system and doesn’t need to warm up, which helps minimize patients’ wait.

Single-chip mammography CMOS detector for excellent image quality

Senographe Crystal is designed to give you excellent clinical confidence for breast cancer screening and basic diagnosis. Starting with GE’s new CMOS detector available in 2 detector sizes, to high quality Automatic Exposure Control, you’ll get excellent image quality.

GE’s new generation detector
Senographe Crystal features a large single or double-chip CMOS detector using the largest wafer available in the industry. It’s faster, presenting less electronic noise, and is more stable than the amorphous TFT detectors which all contribute to a consistent excellent performance. The CMOS detector represents GE’s new detector technology, optimized for 2D imaging. Instead of passive pixel detection this active-pixel detector features an integrated circuit with an array of pixel sensors. Each of the millions of pixels contains a photo-detector and active amplifier. The result is excellent, sharp, 2D image quality.

Your patients’ breasts vary in size. So does our detector
Senographe Crystal lets you choose between two configurations of detector size: 23x30cm LFOV for larger breasts or 17x23cm SFOV for smaller denser breasts. So you can choose the optimal configuration that suits your population.

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), where data based automation works
Senographe Crystal’s Automatic Exposure Control selects the appropriate kV and mAs based on radiological density and thickness of the breast for exceptional and consistent image quality at optimized radiation dose.

Four contrasts levels. Your images the way you like them.
Breasts differ, and so do clinicians’ viewing preferences. eContrast lets you improve structure visibility for almost any breast type including implants. You can choose among four contrast levels, the setting that optimizes your visual comfort and diagnostic performance. And that’s not all—eContrast improves the image on spot views because the display is optimized for the region under the paddle.

A positive patient experience begins with you

Senographe Crystal puts everything — detector, tube, c-arm, and more — inside one elegant, stylish, and streamlined enclosure. The simple operation and user-friendly design of Senographe Crystal make it easy for you to deliver quality, personlized care.

Slim design for comfortable patient positioning
The slim gantry, small tube head and compact bucky allow the patient to embrace the system in a comfortable, natural position.

The Windows®** OS you already know
Senographe Crystal runs on Windows7. Your working environment looks friendly and familiar.

Simple icons. Straightforward navigation
Finding exactly what you want is easy. The user interface uses easy-to understand icons, so you can find your way around. Go from Worklist to Capture to Display fast.

Auto Exposure Control helps minimize dose—without compromising image quality
Auto Exposure Control makes a quick evaluation of breast tissue density and thickness to determine the optimal image quality and dose. It automatically selects the appropriate kV, and mAs, to ensure repeatable, consistent image quality, while helping to minimize radiation dose.

Position the gantry easily—just one simple step
Pre-configurable exam protocols that you select and set yourself, according to your own workflow preferences, enable quick and automatic gantry positioning with only a single touch. It’s that easy.


Clinical images

Dense breast with eContrast Medium

50/50 breast with eContrast Intense

Dense breast with eContrast Medium

50/50 breast with eContrast Intense

eContrast Light eContrast Medium eContrast Intense eContrast Implant