GE Healthcare in 2010 pioneered SenoBright contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM). This imaging technique on the Senographe™ Essential mammography system can help clarify the mammogram result and localize a lesion – often on the same day. After injection of an iodinated contrast medium, SenoBright* CESM highlights areas of unusual blood flow patterns - all in a simple and quick procedure. Today, many users can share their experience using SenoBright CESM. 

Download the SenoBright bibliography to read about the clinical studies that have been carried out by leading physicians.

Physician Testimonials

“SenoBright has filled our single biggest void: how to handle an inconclusive mammogram and ultrasound expeditiously and in-house.” 

- Dr. Funk, Surgical Breast Specialist and Founder, Pink Lotus Breast Center, CA, USA

“We’ve had a great experience with CESM. It’s really become just one more tool in our toolbox. We have had some referring clinicians who […] send us many patients because they’ve come to love it and they’ve come to trust it. Patients then come back to them and say ‘that was easy’.” 

- Dr. Bruce Shroeder, Radiologist and Medical Director, Eastern Radiologists Inc., North Carolina

“When there are doubts [...] you can provide [patients] with a tool that is available on-site, that can be performed in less than 10 minutes, and that allows them to have the results after 30 minutes.” 

- Dr. Delaloge, Oncologist, Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR), Villejuif, France                           

CESM Academies

Each year at the GE SenoBright academy, leading physicians from around the world share experiences and learn from their peers, expanding their collective knowledge and advancing breast medicine. In two articles based on discussions at the latest academy, Dr. Roseline Péluchon explains the benefits of SenoBright in day-to-day practice and the use of contrast media.

CESM Academy 2015

CESM Academy 2014

The first article describes how SenoBright provides fast yet
definitive results, helping to reduce patients’ anxiety while
aiding in diagnosis and monitoring of mammary lesions.
Surgeons appreciate the technology, since the images
resemble the conventional mammograms they are used to

The second article highlights how the academy participants
have learned to use contrast media correctly and successfully. 

Hear from the SenoBright academy participants sharing their best cases performed with SenoBright CESM and how it helped them in delicate cases.

Dr Felix Diekman Chairman
diagnostic radiology
St Joseph-Stift – Bremen,
Dr Ines Pereira Radiologist,
radiology department Hospital
de Santarém, Portugal
Dr Miri Sklair-Levy
Sheba Medical Center,
Tel Aviv, Israel

Clinical Webinars

Enhance your clinical expertise by listening to the CESM clinical webinars.

Discover SenoBright, contrast-enhanced spectral mammography, a new advance in breast cancer imaging that helps you to improve your diagnostic confidence.

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GE is providing the link to these webinars to help medical professionals understand the current state of research related to various devices, technologies, and applications. The speakers may describe some off-label use or performance of GE SenoBright; their conclusions are solely based on their scientific studies and must be evaluated by a medically qualified professional. GE does not endorse or support any conclusions or recommendations suggested by the speakers.