Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is making it easier to spot breast cancer. But this data-intensive technology can push the limits of some viewing tools, limiting your ability to efficiently and accurately diagnose patients.

With Seno Iris, you can improve your reading workflow with a whole set of tools designed to effectively manage large amounts of data and help you make a quick and accurate diagnosis.


Speed up your reading time

In combination with the GE slabs (thick slices), the use of Seno Iris reduces the number of images to review while maintaining clinical performance(1).

‘The average time saving across readers when using only slabs was 56% (2).

Explore images quickly and easily

With V-Preview Navigate, you can simply click on the region of interest in the 2D synthetic view to access the corresponding depth in the volume.

With the V-Preview Inspect, you can easily navigate within the DBT volume, directly over the 2D synthetic image.

With V-Preview Bookmark you can also annotate any region of interest and save it for quick reference later. 

Minimize repetitive tasks with a customizable interface

The streamlined interface and customizable personal settings can help you simplify your daily work by reducing the number of clicks and repetitive tasks that you perform.

(1) Diagnostic Accuracy of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis – Thick versus Thin Slices, Stork, RSNA 2015.
(2)Digital breast tomosynthesis: thick versus thin slices - clinical performance and reading time, Stork, ECR 2016.


Diagnose mode

Diagnose mode is suited for reading direct Digital Mammography (MG), Computed Radiography (CR), and Breast Tomosynthesis (BTO and CTO) images from multiple major manufacturers, as well as for viewing digitized screen film images.

The Seno Iris in diagnose mode also displays other breast imaging modalities, such as Ultrasound and MRI for a comprehensive diagnostic review.

Download the Seno Iris Diagnose Mode datasheet for more information about the related product specifications

Review mode

Seno Iris in review mode provides easy access to prior images and reports. It also allows you to enjoy:

  • Easy input of clinical findings during the physical examination
  • Worklist notification of radiologist requests for additional views
  • Easy access to radiologist image annotations
  • Automatic documentation of acquisition parameters if provided by the acquisition system in the DICOM** header

Download the Seno Iris Review Mode datasheet for more information about the related product specifications

Connect mode

Seno Iris can be provided in the Connect mode to:

  • Support the optimized transmission of medical image data
  • Connect DICOM compliant devices in different locations
  • Enable fast teleradiology transparent to the connected users

Seno Iris, Connect Mode, can also provide rule-based exam routing according to your unique workflow needs.

Download the Seno Iris Connect datasheet for more information about the related product specifications

**** DICOM is a trademark of National Electrical Manufactures Association.
Eizo is a trademark of Eizo Corporation. Intel and Xeon aretrademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Bluetooth is trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

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