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As you know, GE strongly believes that the ultimate consumer of healthcare—the patient—should be the measure of the technological choices we make. GE has underlined this direction by choosing Humanizing MR as our mantra. And while the MR industry typically hasn’t put people first, GE Healthcare is working to change that. We continue to develop solutions for patients of differing ages, body types and disease symptoms.

In this issue of SIGNA Pulse of MR we focus on some of our innovative solutions for our broad patient base. For example, you’ll find interesting contributions to pediatric MR imaging and research along with a look at adding DWI to imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis and staging. We also look at how the healthymagination initiative worked to make advanced diagnostic imaging available to more patients in India and how a facility in New York used our Optima* MR450w wide bore system to replace an open MR and grow their exam volumes.

While you’re reading, please make sure to see our article about the 2012 London Summer Olympics. At this event, GE was the sole provider of MR imaging, putting injured athletes first by scanning them on advanced technology—the Discovery* MR750w 3.0T and the Optima MR450w 1.5T, both equipped with the GEM Suite of coils. We’re particularly proud of this article - as we are of this entire issue!

*Trademark of General Electric Company

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