Help increase greater safety, efficiency and economy for short-stay patients.   

Using single-patient blood pressure cuffs has been shown to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections. Fewer infections can also help decrease the length and cost of a patient’s stay.   

Innovative CLICKIT-ST blood pressure cuffs are specifically designed for patients with short-term needs, versus those requiring frequent readings and longer hospital stays. CLICKIT-ST cuffs don’t compromise on quality or performance while accommodating tighter budgets.   

The CLICKIT-ST cuff is well suited for the ambulance, Emergency, triage, Day Surgery Unit or dialysis patient.  


Try comfortable and economical cuff for your short-term patients.

  • Designed for the short-stay patient. 
    • Tape closure system is economical for those patients whose stay is measured in hours or days, not weeks
    • Ideal for ambulance, Emergency, triage, Day Surgery Unit or dialysis patient.
  • Non-porous materials shed liquids and can be easily cleaned, aiding your infection control efforts. 
  • Materials do not contain DEHP or natural rubber latex, making them safer for both patients and staff with latex allergies. 
  • Single-patient use may help reduce in cross-contamination.
    • Cuff is dedicated to a single patient during his or her hospital stay.
  • Easy-to-read sizing instructions ensure at a glance that the right size has been chosen. 
    • Proper sizing helps ensure pressure reading accuracy.
  • Depend on a trusted choice for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring applications.


Size                     Child                           SmallAdult                Adult            Adult Long                Large Adult

Limb               Circumference                     13-19 cm           17-25 cm              23-33 cm                  33-45 cm

1-Tube            Bayonet Connector            ST401550           ST451550           ST501550                ST551550 


2-Tube           Screw Connector                ST404750           ST454750            ST504750               ST554750 


1-Tube           Screw Connector                ST403750            ST453750            ST503750             ST553750 


2-Tube           Submin Connector             ST404650             ST454650            ST504650             ST554650 


1-Tube           Submin Connector             ST403650              ST453650             ST503650            ST553650