Pulse Oximetry


A 20-year history of innovation through the legacy of Datex-Ohmeda

GE SpO2 Sensors

All adult TruSignal* finger sensors provide SPiO2 multi-parameter monitoring


GE SpiO2 technology offers multiple clinical parameters (Surgical Pleth Index and SpO2) with a single sensors


GE Trusignal technology offers continuous non-invasive monitoring of advanced photoplethysmographic parameters

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure


A pioneer in non-invasive BP (NIBP) monitoring for more than 30 years

Innovative and easy-to-use connector to improve  workflow and patient safety

Limited reusable cuffs 

Designed and priced to help eliver high quality care and patient safety while supporting infection control in the OR and in acute care environment

Reusable cuffs

High-quality blood pressure cuffs designed for multiple patient uses in low acuity care settings


GE offers the first BP forearm cuff clinically validated for use on adult obese patients