Maintain high quality of care in the midst of ICU staff shortages and budget cuts.   

Requirements to provide higher quality of care in the midst of staff shortages and cost cutting initiatives are the reality in intensive care units. Centricity* Critical Care 8.0 is a clinically focused, patient centric information system that helps deliver better health outcomes and manage costs. Remarkable workflow, connectivity and communication tools help bring convergence and collaboration. 


Benefit the patient, medical staff and the hospital.

    • Patient centric therapy management capabilities for better health outcomes

    • Remarkable workflow, connectivity and communication help you manage costs of care delivery

              For the patient

    • Enables individualized care plans for medical, surgical, neonatal, pediatric, and other specialized ICUs

    • Helps to ensure patient safety by virtually delivering the right care, at the right time with 

      the right medication to the right patient

             For the clinicians

    • Easy-to-use interface contributes to save time and facilitate documentation of patient care

    • Streamlined processes and workflows can support fast and consistent care planning and recording, 

      and helps to reduce typing and human errors

    • Access to the relevant actionable information when needed to make the right decision with 

      intuitive decision support systems

             For the IT

    • Leverage IT industry standards for easy installation, deployment and support

    • Connect via sophisticated, bi-direction system interfacegration (ADT, LAB) utilizing a flexible interface engine

    • Support IT processes with SSO, Active Directory, LDAP, connectivity, import/ export functionality, hyperlinking.

            For the hospital administration

    • Manage costs by enhancing workflow, enabling a quicker staff learning curve, and providing a powerful reporting tool with remarkable statistical capabilities

    • Cohesive processes help to support streamlined quality care with more standardization and convergence


The new Centricity* Critical Care 8.0 addresses more than 130 enhancement opportunities including :

  • New graphical trends and re-designed decision support module interface (Care Plus) 

  • Enhanced drug and fluids section : new summary functions, drug filters, error correction functions, flexible orders (time & dose) capability 

  • Overall improved usability and user experience

Therapy management 

Patient-centric therapy management is at the core of Centricity* Critical Care. These features help to ensure patient safety and to reduce costs.

  • Clinical Notification System module (CNS) 

    • compare huge amounts of data collected against user-defined rules identifying potentially relevant 

      clinical events and bringing them to your attention. 

  • Medication interaction module and standard adjustable medication protocols   

    • Predefined medication protocol and default orders for the patient group 

    • Associative Trending during drug orders assist physicians to make the right care decisions. 

    • Predefined protocols support entering the correct dosages based on patient’s weight and body surface area 

    • Support different types of medication orders: standard orders, flexible drug orders and response orders 

      as well as drug infusions 

Decision support tools with Care Plus  

    • Generate dashboards and actionable information views from numerical and graphical data on patient types 

    • Configure any care procedure, intervention and observation parameter into a variable or parameter, then document. 

    • Drug filtering enables quick visibility of associated medications

Cost management 

Centricity* Critical Care provides a powerful reporting tool with remarkable statistical capabilities about quality of care, costs and performance 

  • Scoring and research : All of the major standard scoring systems are pre-confi gured in the system. Additional ones can be easily added, helping optimise the workload and workflow. Scheduling active notifications about potential research patients supports clinical trial practice.

Information convergence

  • Centricity* Critical Care 8.0 can deliver information via web-based remote work stations, email and even to pagers and 

    cell phones via SMS messa ges when hospital systems support message routing. 

  • Integration with standard coding and reference data systems promotes a consistent and accurate use of clinically relevant information. 

  • Integrated database maintenance tools and support for high-availability architectures help to ensure constant system availability.