Report anytime, anywhere.

The new Centricity* eRadCockpit is a web-based reporting platform that enables radiologists to rationalise their reporting workflow, access pertinent information and second opinions, and share workloads and reporting across sites anywhere there’s an Internet connection.  

eRadCockpit allows you to maximize efficiency by helping you to optimize your workflow, connect experts, balance workload, leverage your existing infrastructure and open the doors beyond radiology to share data across the e-health enterprise.


Enhance performance with advanced reporting.

• Enhance cross-site collaboration and workflow sharing by enabling radiologists to report from wherever they are and to see their workload at a glance, independent of their location.

• eRadCockpit integrates a web-based dashboard to monitor the overall departmental performance in real time at a hospital, department or workplace.

Drive greater efficiency.

• Get fast access to regional patient history and, along with web-based PACS, enable on-call radiologists to work from home, reducing report turnaround time and unnecessary travel.

• Facilitate workload sharing, providing instant access to specialists from other hospitals for increased collaboration.

• Harmonise workflow across radiologists for even workload, directing the right exam to the right person for the best read the first time.

• Leverage your existing infrastructure.


Get the convenience of an all-in-one web reporting platform

  • Global reading worklist accessible from Internet Explorer
  • Integrated SpeechMagic voice recognition & digital dictation option
  • Embedded text editor (TX Text control)
  • Radiology single patient jacket
  • XDS patient history (available with the productive release of Centricity RIS-i 5.0)
  • Integrated common high end image viewer (Centricity WebPACS viewer) - for instant image display without image move or copy independently from source PACS
  • Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting management View report & scanned documents simultaneously


Enjoy high-performance collaborative care:

  • The eRadCockpit can be interfaced to your single RIS/PACS workflow and can serve as the global vendor neutral reporting platform over multiple different RIS/PACS systems.  

Take the proven functionalities of the RadCockpit online:

  • Worklist & productivity display
  • Complete Voice Processing
  • Conference management
  • Clinical information
  • Patient “tree” & priors
  • XDS consumer (& XDS source capabilities)
  • Comparison display (same source WebPACS)
  • WebDx and PACS IW Front End Interfacing
  • Web based (IE 8 and above)
  • TX text control text editor
  • Relevant procedure tree
  • Multi purpose info panel (including scanned doc)
  • Return key search in WL