The Centricity* Cardiology INW network lets you link critical Cath Lab and EP recording information, extending Mac-Lab* and CardioLab* functionality throughout the department – without the need for physically transporting media.

With its powerful central server and a series of point-of-care workstations, Centricity Cardiology INW helps to reduce delays and redundant data-entry while allowing you to create a single, comprehensive case record for each patient that is stored in centralized location.



Centricity Cardiology INW is a highly scalable IT solution designed to deliver a number of workflow enhancements throughout the department:   

  • In the patient holding area, the Mac-Lab/CardioLab case log is created and updated via the Pre-Op Workstation.    
  • In the lab itself, the exclusive Nurse’s Workstation accommodates simultaneous and real-time charting of medications, supplies and procedure notes.    
  • In the recovery area, information documented by the clinicians via the Post-Op Workstation is appended to the study.
  • In locations such as the physician reading room or distant offices, the Remote Review Workstation lets physicians review cases and reports – or observe procedures currently underway in near real-time – by providing fast, full-disclosure access to patient waveforms and all procedural events.