Beyond integration to synchronization

In CardioLab XTi, integration takes a leap forward - to information synchronization. Images, waveforms and data are synchronized – brought together in real-time – to put the information you need at your fingertips when you need it.

CardioLab XTi is part of a comprehensive EP lab workflow infrastructure designed to help make you efficient, productive and able to care for your patients effectively.


With the legacy of Prucka inside, CardioLab XTi helps you:

  • Obtain exceptional signal quality. The CLab II Plus amplifier for intracardiac and ECG recording uses advanced signal processing algorithms to help reveal subtle waveform changes.     
  • Streamline workflow. Capture point-of-care procedure documentation from the holding area to the lab and back to recovery. Move data to and from other devices and systems. Record and display vital signs, pressures, saturations, surface ECGs and intra-cardiac electrograms. Capture key images from fluoroscopy systems. Perform automated interval measurements on recorded data. Interface with ablation systems.
  • Enhance connectivity with Innova*. The Innova tableside control interface allows you to operate critical CardioLab functions from the control room. Plus, the bi-directional DICOM interface with GE Innova X-ray helps to reduce errors and save time by sending patient demographics to the Innova system via DICOM MWL.
  • Increase efficiency with applications. Navigation and documentation tools include: Interval Alignment, Holter and Image Capture. CardioLab XTi also interfaces to ablation systems. 
  • Get reliable performance with clinically relevant functionality. Excellent signal quality with advanced EP applications is designed to enhance the clinical workflow during EP procedures. CardioLab XT is configurable to help streamline workflow, with data analysis tools to help you evaluate administrative and clinical operations.     
  • Collect registry-specific data elements at the point of care. Export to the Centricity* ACC Registry or other third party applications. CardioLab XTi features registry form sets to support CathPCI Registry** and IDC Registry**, streamlining your participation.
  • Integrate and interface with GE and third-party systems. Information may be integrated from imaging modalities include X-ray and CV Ultrasound, PACS, mapping systems, and ablation information from most commercially available ablation generators with CardioLab signal data, demographics and procedural data.    
  • Generate comprehensive case reports. Case information is consolidated into a single report – waveforms, multi-modality images from X-ray, U/S & PACS, and 3D maps from the Carto XP and CARTO 3 systems.    


Synchronized Ultrasound

CardioICE* Synchronized Ultrasound

CardioICE, GE’s innovation in EP recording, synchronizes X-ray, cardiovascular ultrasound and EP signals and data to help you perform the most complex image-guided electrophysiology procedures with confidence.   

CardioICE brings together real-time ultrasound images, waveforms, data and information – synchronized and time-aligned, which may help improve workflow and reduce transcription errors. By bringing data together in your EP or cath lab during the case, you can perform day-to-day cath and EP studies or the most advanced and complex image-guided procedures efficiently and effectively – with the confidence that you’re seeing the big picture. The CardioICE remote system control also lets you access some functions on the Vivid* i/q from the CardioLab console.    

Case Studies

Case Studies Demonstrate the Benefits of CardioLab 

Chris Atherton, Director of the Arrhythmia Center at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses how detailed technology considerations played a key role in starting their Electrophysiology (EP) program.




Dr. Mark Dixon, Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology department at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses the value of technology integration.