Essential functionality. Exceptional performance.

The foundation of the CardioLab family, CardioLab IT is designed to help you optimize your workflow, productivity and throughput. CardioLab IT offers innovative capabilities and functionality to help deliver ease of use, excellent signal quality and comprehensive IT data integration.

From the moment your patients are admitted, through diagnosis, treatment, and billing, the CardioLab IT is an intuitive system with the features and automation capabilities to support your efficiency and to help you provide the best quality of care.



With the legacy of Prucka inside, CardioLab IT helps you:

  • Obtain exceptional signal quality. High-performance CLab II Plus* amplifier delivers the quality signals needed for exceptional intracardiac and ECG recordings. 
  • Streamline procedures. Powerful advanced signal analysis tools including review scrolling, multi-leg calipers, advanced pace detection, simultaneous analysis of multiple activation times, and real-time mapping and trigger tools to help streamline procedures, and enhance analysis and case documentation.       
  • Get reliable performance with clinically relevant functionality. Excellent signal quality with advanced EP applications is designed to enhance EP procedures. CardioLab IT is configurable to help streamline workflow, with signal data analysis tools to  help you evaluate administrative and clinical operations.
  • Collect registry-specific data elements at the point of care. Export easily to the Centricity* ACC Registry or other third party applications. CardioLab IT features registry form sets to support CathPCI Registry** and IDC Registry**, making your participation in the ACC-NCDR registry easy. 
  • Integrate and interface with GE and third-party systems. Operate critical CardioLab functions in the procedure room via the GE Innova X-ray system tableside control unit. ADT data received from Centricity DMS or third party brokers becomes part of the case. CardioLab sends demographic data to and receives procedure information from GE’s Innova X-ray system. Optionally, CardioLab can also interface with third party X-ray systems. Interfaces are available for most ablation generators logging energy, impedance, time and temperature. 
  • Generate comprehensive case reports. Flexible Microsoft** Word based case reports allow concise, complete documentation of the procedure. Procedures, personnel and supplies used are reported with interval measurements, logs and events.  Waveforms can be included to show pre- and post-intervention electrograms.


CardioLab IT technology features include:

  • True bi-polar recordings with up to 224 inputs and 128 channels.
  • Powerful, advanced signal analysis algorithms help support your thought processes, streamline procedures, and enhance analysis and case documentation.
  • Streamlined multi-path documentation and reporting workflow helps you document cases with few interruptions and minimize workflow bottlenecks.
  • Electronic signature helps to save time for document compliance

Case Studies

Case Studies Demonstrate the Benefits of CardioLab 

Chris Atherton, Director of the Arrhythmia Center at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses how detailed technology considerations played a key role in starting their Electrophysiology (EP) program.




Dr. Mark Dixon, Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology department at Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital, discusses the value of technology integration.