Resting ECGs

Our portfolio of Resting ECG systems is designed to help improve clinical accuracy and connect you to advanced data analysis tools so you can make decisions more confidently. Our Resting ECG systems are well suited for a wide range of patients and diverse clinical needs.

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MAC* Resting ECG

Quality ECG tools support clinical accuracy. The future of advanced ECG technology starts with a history of innovation. Since 1965, GE Healthcare has developed diagnostic cardiology advances that help clinicians improve healthcare delivery. Today our portfolio of resting ECG systems supports clinical accuracy and connects you to advanced data analysis tools that may lead to more confident diagnoses and better outcomes for diverse patient populations in both the physician's office and hospital environments.

MAC ECG products help ensure high-quality ECG signals via our Marquette* Hookup Advisor, which informs clinicians of poor waveform quality during ECG recording. The GE Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program gives you the power of proven algorithms including ACI-TIPI and gender-specific interpretation. Our recent additions in the MAC 5500 HD include high-definition pacemaker detection, ACS analysis, and user definable, critical values.